upgrading a strength training facility n.
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Upgrading a Strength Training Facility

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Upgrading a Strength Training Facility - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Upgrading a Strength Training Facility. The Software and Equipment Needed To go FROM GOOD to GREAT. Mindbody Business Software.

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upgrading a strength training facility

Upgrading a Strength Training Facility

The Software and Equipment Needed To go FROM GOOD to GREAT

mindbody business software
Mindbody Business Software
  • Description: Mindbody is an all in one business software. Covering all the odds and ends of the bookkeeping and scheduling side of a business all online and easily accessible.
  • Purpose: Mindbody can automate billing for our strength training facility as well as allow for our clients to easily schedule training sessions online from the comfort of their home. However, it doesn’t stop there…
  • Mindbody also:
  • Has mobile accessibility
  • Keeps track of growth and revenue
  • Gives you developed growth / loss sheets at a glance
mindbody cnt d
Mindbody CNT’D
  • Use:
      • There will be an immediate ROI when using Mindbody Software
        • All those late payments will now be nonexistent
        • All the scheduling faux pau’s will be corrected immediately
        • Finally There will NO NEED to hire an outside book-keeper
    • Purchase MINDBODY on www.mindbodyonline.com
      • Monthly Cost Around $75 for Our Facility
glute ham raise
Glute Ham Raise
  • Description: The Glute Ham Raise is a machine used to train the entire posterior chain in one movement.
  • Purpose: The Glute Ham Raise can help us take our athletes results to a new level.
      • The Glute Ham Raise Movement MOST Closely Mimics the movement pattern used while running
      • We will see gains in our athlete speed, jumping ability, and posterior chain strength
ghr cnt d
  • The Value in this one machine is off the charts. OUR ATHLETE ARE #1 and their RESULTS will grow our business.
  • Where to buy: Glute Ham Raises are available in different styles from the best equipment providers in the industry:
      • Elitefts.com
      • Sorinex.com
      • Roguefitness.com
    • Price Usually Runs Between: $800-$1500
reverse hyperextension
Reverse Hyperextension
  • Description: The reverse hyper is a strength training machine used to strengthen the posterior chain (specifically the glutes and spinal erectors).
  • Purpose: Again, this is a machine that take are athletes development up a notch.
      • The often underactive or weak spinal erectors can be brought up in one simple to teach and simple to do movement.
      • The machine also tracks the spine and keeps the disc healthy making it an invaluable “pre-hab” tool
reverse hyper cnt d
Reverse Hyper CNT’d
  • If I had to place a monetary figure value on this machine it would be in the 5-figure range due to it ability to get and keep athlete healthy and strong.
  • Where to buy: The Most Cost Efficient Reverse Hyper is Available at
      • Roguefitness.com
      • And runs win shipping right around $900
belt squat machine
Belt Squat Machine
  • Description: The Belt Squat machine is a machine that allows clients to squat without spinal loading
  • Purpose:
      • To allow the squat pattern to Injured athletes
      • To allow squatting with no spinal loading
      • To track the spine
      • To create strength and strength endurance in the lower body
belt squat cnt d
Belt Squat CNT’D
  • The Value in this machine is trifold.
      • First it will separate us from any other facility in the area
      • Second it will allow us to more effectively work with injured and recovering athletes
      • Third it will allow us to build our athletes strength endurance and most importantly IMPROVE their RESULTS
    • Where to Buy: The Belt Squat machine is available through:
      • Westside-barbell.com
      • Legendfitness.com
      • COST: $2,995
multi grip swiss bar
Multi-Grip Swiss Bar
  • Description: The multi-grip swiss bar is a barbell with several neutral grip handles.
  • Purpose: The multi grip bar allows athletes to perform pressing and pulling movement patterns without the shoulder moving into a sometimes compromising internally rotated position.
swiss bar cnt d
Swiss Bar Cnt’d
  • Value: Again off the charts as far as the seperation it can create between us and others in our field. PLUS what it can do for our clients as far as keeping them healthy.
  • Where To Buy: Available Through:
      • Blackwidowtg.com
  • COST: $225