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Public holidays

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Public holidays - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Public holidays
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  1. Module 8 Public holidays Unit 1 It’s the last daybefore the new school year begins.

  2. Christmas Day

  3. What festival is it ? It’s Children’s Day. It’s 1st June. What date is it? Junethefirst the first of June

  4. What festival is it ? It’s Teachers’ Day. What date is it? It’s 10th September. Septemberthe tenth thetenth of September

  5. What festival is it ? It’s May Day/Labo(u)r Day. What date is it? It’s 1st May. May the first the first of May

  6. Summary Do the people in the USA and UK celebrate(庆祝)May Day as we do? [ˈselibreit] • May Day is on May 1st in China. • It’s one of the public holidays. • We have three days off. • We usually go travelling, visit relations…during the holidays. • 5. While (当……时候)we are enjoying the holidays,we still remember to study.

  7. Listen and choose. In China , Labour Day is on 1st May. A In the UK , Labour Day is on ____. In the USA , Labour Day is on ____. B A. the closest Monday to 1st May B. the first Monday in September

  8. one day one day go camping have a picnic go to the beach

  9. Read and check the sentences T or F. 1.Betty and her parents will leave Qingdao on 5th May. 2. Daming needn't go back to school after May Day holiday. T F

  10. have plans for…LI 有… 的计划 have one day off L7 休一天假 a national holiday L8 全国性的节日 anything special L10 任何特殊的事情 go camping L11 去露营 have a picnic L11 野餐 somewhere nice L11 好地方 the end of… L12 …的结束 vacation season L12 假期 as soon as L14 一…就… the start of… L15-16 … 的开始

  11. celebrate, date, as soon as, national, picnic, special, vacation season, day off, go camping national celebrate date days off as soon as Labour Day /May Day is a _____holiday. People all over the world _____ this holiday. But it’s not on the same _____. In China, May Day is on 1st May, people have 3 _____. And students go back to school _____ the May Day holiday is over. In the UK, it’s the on the closest Monday to 1st May. In the USA, it’s on the first Monday in September. And people usually do something _____, for example, they _____ or have a _____ somewhere nice. But it’s also the end of the _____. special go camping picnic vacation season

  12. What have we learned ? (vocabulary) have plans for have one day off a national holiday anything special somewhere nice go camping the end of the start of have a picnic celebrate labour Labour Day season vacation

  13. Spring Festival Mid-Autumn Festival It’s on ___________________ in the Chinese lunar calendar (中国农历) 15th August National Day

  14. Talk about a festival in groups. Then fill in the form. • A: When is the…? • B: It’s on/in…. • C: How many days of the vacation? • D: People have ….off. • A: How do people celebrate it? • B: We often …. • C: Do people often eat anything special? • D: Yes , we often eat…/ No, nothing special. • A: ….

  15. Homework 1.Read the convasation three times. 2.Finish Activity 5 on P65. 3.Choose one festival to introduce to your friend. 4.Search the Internet to findsome information about thePublic holidays of the USA.

  16. Thank you