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  1. Holidays How do people in England, Germany, and Italy celebrate Christmas and one other holiday?

  2. Christmas in England • To prepare for Christmas they send cards and watch nativity scenes and also go to carol services. • They decorate their houses with Christmas trees, nativity scenes, and lights insight and outside of the house.. They also decorate the Church. • In England Christmas is celebrated with family and friends gathered together to share the much loved customs and traditions there. At midday family and friends have a Christmas dinner for everyone. • For Christmas women dress in a nice outfit, such as dresses, skirts, sweaters, scarfs, and hats. Men wear dress shirts and dress pants.

  3. Christmas dinner in England For Christmas dinner in England they eat • Roasted chestnuts • Brussels sprouts • Parsnips • Cranberry sauce • Bread sauce • Gravy • Roasted potatoes • Chestnut stuffing • Pigs in a blanket • Turkey • bacon

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  5. Christmas in Italy • Every Church has a presepe and they can be found all over the town. A presepe is an Italian nativity scene, or Christmas cribs. Alot of people in Italy get them. They are very popular there. • They decorate their houses with lights inside and out of they house, and they have a manger (nativity scene). • Families gather together to have a meal and celebrate together. • Women dress in their nicest outfits, such as, dress, skirts, sweaters , scarfs, and hats. Men wear dress shirts and dress pants.

  6. Christmas dinner in Italy • Turkey/meat • Tortellini Alapana • Ravioli • Panatonie • Ice cream with custard • Psuetoue • Pizza • Soup • Fish • Pavlova • Lemon tart • Apple pie • crosonts

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  8. Christmas in Germany • Families gather together to celebrate advent. This is the time in preparation for “ da Christ kind” who is the Christ child. • They decorate their house with Christmas trees, nativity scenes, and lights inside and outside of the house. • Women wear their nicest outfits, such as, dresses, skirts, sweaters, scarfs, and hats.

  9. Christmas dinner in Germany • The carp • The goose • Potato salad • There may be suckling pig • Or duck • Various forms of cabbage: Brussels sprouts, kale, and red cabbage. • Sausages • Macaroni salad • Bread

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  11. What is the history behind Christmas? The history behind Christmas is because baby Jesus was born in Nazareth, a spiritual leader whose teachings from the basis of their religion.

  12. St. Patrick’s Day in England • In England they celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17th. • It is celebrated in honor of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. • To celebrate it they have.. • Parades in large cities • Wear green • Drinking Guinness the traditional drink in Ireland. • They dress wearing green.

  13. Foods for St. Patrick’s Day • Poultry • Pig • Mutton • Potatoes • Cabbage • Carrots • Parsnips • turnips

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  15. History behind St. Patrick's Dy • It was the saints religious feast day and the anniversary of St. Patrick’s death In the 5th century. It falls on the Christian season of lent Irish families usually attend Church in the morning and celebrate in the afternoon.

  16. How is Easter celebrated in Italy • People go to Church • Go to village festivals • Celebrate different events from christian history. • They have statues of the virgin and Jesus • They will dress in their nicest outfit.

  17. Easter foods • Cakes • Pastry rings • Sugar figures • Almond confectionary • Cookies • Cannoli • Fried rolls • And more

  18. History behind Easter • It is celebrated because of the resurrection of Christ’s death it’s the most important holiday. It does not fall on a set day every year. It is on the first Sunday following the full moon.

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  20. How is Halloween celebrated in Germany • Kids will go trick-or- treating • people will decorate their houses • People will go to amusement parks • People wear a costume of their choice • When decorating their house they have pumpkins, ghosts, bats, etc.

  21. Halloween foods • Candy • Apples • Toffee apples • Jack-O- lanterns: pumpkins & turnips • Kale • Nuts • cake

  22. History of Halloween • It’s the celebration of all souls/ all saints day. All the souls “ rising” up from the dead. It’s also called the day of the dead.

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  24. Learning Target • I know that different countries celebrate some of the same holidays with different foods. This shows a unique perspective because a lot of other countries around the world wouldn’t have celebrated these holidays or celebrated the same way. Their customs are a bit different then ours.

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