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  1. Holidays By Kinza Start!

  2. Holidays The first day of the long and exciting holidays! Three girls called Miley, Ashley and Brenda were going to the finest restaurant in town. They were all getting ready at home. Ashley got stuck in traffic even though she got out early. She was very worried that she might be late. Was Ashley… Late or Early

  3. Late Ashley got there 1 hour late. Brenda and Miley were already there on the best table waiting for her. They were already ordering the food as they knew Ashley’s taste. All three of them finish their food and rushed to the shop Fashion Sense. They got loads of clothes and when they were ready to go, they decided to have a sleepover. Did they have a sleepover at... Miley’s or Brenda’s

  4. Early Ashley was there 1 hour early so she reserved a table for Brenda and Miley. Brenda and Miley got there at the right time together. They all had fun and then finished their dinner and stood outside. The decided to go home and do something even more fun. Did they watch… High School Musical 2 or Hairspray

  5. High School Musical 2 Ashley, Miley and Brenda got home and watched High School Musical 2. They sang with all the songs as the words appeared on the screen. By the time they had watched the film, it was 2.00am! So they went sleep. Although they were singing the lyrics in their sleep, it was a pretty good night. End!!!! | Start Again?

  6. Hairspray As soon as they got home, they went upstairs and watched Hairspray. Ashley, Brenda and Miley danced to all the songs. They watched all the film including: the bonus section and the deleted scenes section. It was 1.00am by the time they finished all that. End!!!! | Start Again?

  7. Miley’s They got to Miley’s house and went upstairs to her bedroom to relax. They watched some programmes of their past life and ate popcorn. Ashley threw some popcorn at Brenda and Miley and then they got into a popcorn fight. They had so much fun! End!!!! | Start Again?

  8. Brenda’s Ashley, Brenda and Miley all got to Brenda’s house and went rushing upstairs. They tried on all their new clothes they bought. When they finally finished trying, they got into their pyjamas and had a pillow fight. End!!!! | Start Again?