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Creating A PowerPoint that Works PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating A PowerPoint that Works

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Creating A PowerPoint that Works - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating A PowerPoint that Works. visuals & Multi-Media. Use the “KISS” technique K eep I t S imple S tupid CVS: Clear, Visible, Simple Remember Murphy’s Law. Clarity. Use Quality Charts, Graphs, Models. Favorite Colors. Favorite Colors.

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Creating A PowerPoint that Works

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  1. Creating A PowerPoint that Works

  2. visuals & Multi-Media • Use the “KISS” technique • Keep It Simple Stupid • CVS: Clear, Visible, Simple • Remember Murphy’s Law

  3. Clarity Use Quality Charts, Graphs, Models Favorite Colors Favorite Colors

  4. Be sure to check for Spelling, Typos, and Grammar Mistakes • Look for words underlied in red which indicates a spelling mistake. • Misspellings and typographical errors can really hurt your credibility as a speaker. • If a typo is still a work the spell check program will not pick it up. • So, watch your poweroint and be sure to red every line.

  5. Visibility • It is always important to make sure that you use a font size that is easy to read from the back of the room. • Be sure to use at least 14 size font.

  6. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get.” ` -Forrest Gump Be sure to use a highcontrast betweenthe background and text.

  7. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get.” -Forrest Gump Be sure to use a high contrast between the background and text.

  8. Use Headings Simplicity • Be sure to limit the amount of information on a slide. The problem with too much information is that the audience will begin to read the slide rather than listening to what the speaker is saying. The speaker will also begin to read from the slide. Eye contact will be reduced, your vocal tone will become monotone, and your audience will begin to fall asleep on you. So if you do not want this to happen, keep the text on your slides limited to brief bullet points. The 7 X 7 rule recommends that you never use more than seven words per seven lines.

  9. Leave Off the Bells and Whistles Too much going on can be a distraction.

  10. Do not reveal information until you are ready for the audience to see it.In other words, if you have the topic “drunk Driving” as your first slide and then open with a question…”What is the leading cause of deaths among teenagers?” You have revealed your answer before your question. Use the Revelation Technique

  11. Practice using all HyperLinks • Hyperlinks will take a few seconds to upload so plan this in your time frame. • It is best to pull up the link prior to doing your presentation. The link then works faster when you get to the slide. • Put video at beginning or end of PowerPoint to allow you more flexibility with time.