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North Dakota Action Coalition

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North Dakota Action Coalition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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North Dakota Action Coalition
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  1. North Dakota Action Coalition April 3, 2013Jamestown, ND

  2. National Update Laura Thornhill, JD Policy Research Senior Analyst Center to Champion Nursing in America

  3. IOM Report Review • IOM Report Recommendation 2: Expand opportunities for nurses to lead and diffuse collaborative improvement efforts • IOM Report Recommendation 7: Prepare and enable nurses to lead change to advance health. • North Dakota Action Coalition Goal: Increase development of leadership challenge skills through seven model statewide leadership programs: nursing students, front-line nurses, community nurses, advanced practice nurses, chief nursing officers, nurse researchers and professional nursing organizations

  4. North Dakota Action Coalition Purpose Statement Develop leadership capacity among nursing professionals to be effective members and leaders of collaborative teams in order to promote high quality healthcare.

  5. Five Campaign ImperativesIn the activation phase, to survive and succeed over the next two years, Action Coalitions: • Must move beyond nursing. • Must deliver short term results in the next 18 months even as you develop long term plans. • Must have courage to place the right leaders at the helm or remove weak, ineffective leaders. • Must have funding to sustain this work. • Must not ignore diverse stakeholders critical to our success.

  6. Introductions Briefly go around the room and introduce self and organization

  7. Liberating Structures can be used “back home” in your AC to: • Develop ways to work together that spark more innovation and solutions • Individually make progress on challenges you face • Help you work more effectively across functions and boundaries • Learn methods to generate ownership of change efforts

  8. Impromptu NetworkingPower of loose connections, small things can make a big difference

  9. Who are you? Why are you here? What do you want to accomplish? Find a partner…2minutes sharing… then find another partner… then find another.

  10. Review Where We Are • Brief review of workgroup plans by chairs and data collected by Patricia • Nursing Students • Chief Nursing Officers/Executive Leadership • Community Nurses • Front Line Nurses • Advanced Practice Nurses • Academic and Research

  11. Open SpaceTechnology Henri Lipmanowicz & Keith McCandless

  12. Open Space Boosts Freedom AND Responsibility Freedom Responsibility Henri Lipmanowicz & Keith McCandless

  13. Open Space Theme Structure: What leadership topics/groups/ideas do we want to discuss? Henri Lipmanowicz & Keith McCandless

  14. Four Principles and One LawBe prepared to be surprised; and, let your passion guide you Law of Two Feet • go to where you are learning or contributing Principles of Open Space • Whoever comes is the right people • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have • Whenever it starts is the right time • When it is over it is over Henri Lipmanowicz & Keith McCandless

  15. Open Space Debrief 1. What? Conveners briefly report what each group discussed 2. Now What? Start thinking about how we will move forward.

  16. Lunch 30 Minutes

  17. What Will Be Different! Attract more diverse people to the work Develop shared understanding of next steps and strategy Restore hope for change by igniting bold action Liberating Structures Acting Our Way Into New Thinking by Including and Unleashing Everyone

  18. What Next? How should we be organized?

  19. Open SpaceTechnologyMeet in New Groups to Plan for the Future Henri Lipmanowicz & Keith McCandless

  20. Campaign for Action Strategy NORTH DAKOTA G A M E P L A N 1. What is happening around us that demands adaptation? 3. Given our purpose, what seems possible now? 5. How are we breaking away from the current state toward the future? GOAL 1 Next Quarter Next Year Next Month Reformatted April 3rd Action Coalition meeting to: Focus on formalizing a purpose statement Restructuring workgroups This Week Launch leadership projects developed from AC groups. • structure Planning state summit. • Convene newly structured groups for project development. • Identify funding sources. April 3rd Meeting: Ask workgroup chairs to review what they have done. • Restructure for efficiency and quality. • Wrote draft agenda for April meeting. • Email chairs to inform them what was learned at national summit. • • • • lack of engagement GOAL 2 Exploring nurse/physician conversation. Discuss at April 3rd meeting. • same 10 people GOAL 3 Develop advisory council for Action Coalition. Discuss at April meeting. Identify viable members Identify partnerships for funding. • • What is • at stake if we • do not change? • • GOAL 4 • Plan first annual state leadership summit for October. 2. Where are we starting, really? North Dakota Action Coalition Representatives: Patricia Moulton Barbra Brown Billie Madler • • Current status: • • Partial workgroup plans • Data from workgroup surveys and interviews with CEOs/CMOs • Current status: • 65 people of 16,000 people divided among 6 workgroups • Current status: • Limited funding $9,ooo plus effort

  21. Strategy Safari G A M E P L A N 1. Operating Environment • What is happening around us that demands adaptation? • In our operating environment, something we are learning to live with is… • An uncertainty we must creatively adapt to is…

  22. Strategy Safari G A M E P L A N 2. Current State • Where are we starting, really? • What I find challenging in our current situation is… • A courageous conversation we are not having about where we are now is…

  23. Strategy Safari G A M E P L A N 3. Vision • Given our purpose, what seems possible now? • What first inspired me in this work is… • What I hope can happen for us in this work is… • A big innovation opportunity I see for us is…

  24. Strategy Safari G A M E P L A N 4. Stake • What is at stake if we do not change? • If we do nothing, the worst thing that can happen for us is… • Something I will never go back to is…

  25. Strategy Safari G A M E P L A N 5. Strategic Action • How are we breaking away from the current state toward the future? • Something we must stop doing (divest) is… • Something we should start doing (invest in) is… • One innovative project that gives me confidence we are transforming now is…

  26. Strategy Safari G A M E P L A N Balance • Balance among the elements makes a big difference. • Pitfalls to avoid: • Blue Sky Dreaminess: ignoring the current state and operating environment • Bad-Road Inertia: despairing over the current state; fearing what is at stake • Jumping Over the Moon: moving to action without including others in conversations or agreements

  27. New Groups Debrief New Group leaders briefly review plans using Game Plan.

  28. 25 Will Get You 10Crowd Sourcing On index cards, each participant writes: • What is your boldest idea to facilitate the Action Coalition’s purpose? • A first step to act on your idea. No names Write legibly

  29. 25/10 Steps • Pass cards around while milling • 5 rounds • Rate from 1 = ho-mum to 5 = fabulous • Put rating on the back of the card • Decide before looking at other scores • Add all the scores after the last round • Read your card as the countdown rolls on 25…24…23… 22… Henri Lipmanowicz & Keith McCandless

  30. Advisory Stakeholder Group

  31. $$$$$$Funding $$$$$$

  32. Wrap-up Plans for Leadership Summit October 4, 2013 When does our entire North Dakota Action Coalition need to meet again? In person?

  33. Liberating Structures • Plexus Institute • LS website • Book: Liberating Structures: Including and Unleashing Everyone (in progress) •