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Welcome to 5th Grade Open House! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to 5th Grade Open House!

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Welcome to 5th Grade Open House!
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Welcome to 5th Grade Open House!

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  1. Welcome to 5th Grade Open House!

  2. School-Wide Theme Have you filled a bucket today? RES has overflowing “buckets” because our students and teachers are working diligently to become “Bucket Fillers!” To fill someone’s “bucket,” you simply say kind and encouraging words and “keep your lid” on negative comments!

  3. HOMEWORK • Math: Assigned on Monday Due on Friday • Reading: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday • Science Assigned on Monday Due on Friday

  4. HOMEWORK • Please check agenda and school website • for homework assignments. • Students should have about an hour’s worth of homework every night.

  5. GRADES • Weekly folders come home on Tuesdays with graded work in them. Please return all graded papers along with the signed folder on Wednesday.

  6. Grades • After September 30, students will lose 10 points on papers without a name/heading and/or if turned in late. This does not apply to excused absences.

  7. How can you reach us? • Feel free to email any of us at: Mmckown.res@catoosa.k12.ga.us mparis.res@catoosa.k12.ga.us alawson.res@catoosa.k12.ga.us or You may call the school and leave us a message.

  8. MATH • All eight math units are based on the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards. • All classrooms are student-focused. • We will be using a website called IXL in our classroom this year. This program is a comprehensive site with an unlimited number of math practice questions and can be accessed from home. • www.IXL.com

  9. Math class • Daily Review (10 minute daily review) • Mini-lesson • Workshop/Conferencing (group work / independent task) • Closing

  10. Students are required to have a math journal. Students will be required to pass the Math portion of the CRCT with a score of 800 or greater to be promoted to 6th grade. The test will be in April!

  11. Mrs. Lawson Reading and Language (ELA) Daily 5 Reading Comprehension Accuracy Fluency Enrich Vocabulary “CAFÉ”

  12. Reading Homework When? Monday Tuesday Thursday What? 15 minutes of reading from “just right” chapter book

  13. Reading Assessments • Weekly comprehension/vocabulary quiz… No Sweat Test Prep (Scholastic News) • Bi-weekly fluency/accuracy grades are given • Quizzes and projects • Progress recorded in Parent Portal.

  14. Scholastic News • Our vocabulary words will come from our weekly Scholastic News • Wednesdays will be our “news” days. • We are asking that parents cover the cost of this subscription for their child. • The cost is $4.50

  15. Books, books, and more books • Students can check out two books from the school library. These books can go between school and home. • RAZ (This program will be accessible from home.) • Your child is responsible for ALWAYS having a “just right” chapter book each day!

  16. Writing Students will learn to write in each of the four writing genres. The state 5th Grade Writing test is in March.

  17. Language Arts • Writing – Common Core • Grammar – Integrated in writing and Daily 5 activities • Spelling – No weekly test • Spelling skills will be integrated within the DAILY 5 – Word Work

  18. Discipline Come prepared to each class. Complete assignments on time. Follow Directions Be Respectful

  19. Rituals and Routines • Accountable talk: all conversations during class should be on topic • Manage Tools: use classroom tools/supplies correctly, keep desk clean • Noise Level: appropriate level • Respectful Responses: talk respectfully with teachers and other students • Time on task: stay on task during class, reserve playing for recess • Individual accountability: turn in homework/ classwork on time and fill out agenda

  20. Reward Plus • 5th Grade discipline program. • Levels change at the end of each week. • 0-1 marks: move up a level. • 2 marks: stay the same level. • 3+ marks: move down a level.

  21. Renaissance School-wide program to motivate students to excel in grades, make improvements, attendance and behavior through the use of incentives.

  22. Renaissance Rewards School-wide trips (9 weeks) Academic reward days/catch up days (Mid-term) Free t-shirt Renaissance level cards including discounts Pep Rallies and Dress up Weeks Tiger Tuesdays- $$$$$

  23. Ms. McKown Agenda, Attendance, Science

  24. Science Science homework will be once a week. Please call me about anything. All my students have my home telephone number. www.schoolnotes.com We will study cells, electricity, classification, heredity, magnetism, matter, volcanoes, and earthquakes. 4-H and CHAMPS

  25. Social Studies (Mr. G) • We will study this year: • American History: from Civil War through the present day • Economics • Government (Students will split the marking period with science and social studies)

  26. Agenda Please sign your student’s agenda every night and read over what the student has for homework and what they have worked on in class.

  27. Attendance Perfect attendance is 165 days without any absences, early dismissals, or tardies. The State of Georgia is very strict about attendance. If your student is absent, a note is required when they return to school (even if you have spoken with the office). If the student is going to be out of school for more than 2 days, please call to request their work so they don’t get too far behind. Excused absences are listed in the county handbook.

  28. Parent Portal Sign up tonight! You can access your child’s grades daily by logging into the website. If you used it last year, you do not have to sign up again. The account should still be available.

  29. Thanks for coming to 5th Grade Open House!