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Staley Middle School

Staley Middle School

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Staley Middle School

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  1. Staley Middle School Welcome 5th grade Parent Meeting

  2. P T A Parent Teacher Association Show your Mustang Pride!

  3. Math And ScienceCurriculum

  4. Frisco Independent School District Secondary Math Programs

  5. 6th grade 6th grade Pre-AP 7th grade 7th grade Pre-AP 8th grade Algebra 1 High school credit Geometry High school credit Middle School Math

  6. Graduation Requirements • The state legislature and State Board of Education require 4 credits of high school mathematics and 4 credits of high school science for graduation under the recommended and distinguished achievement plans.

  7. Pre-AP Math Classes • These classes are intended to prepare students for AP Calculus. • Pre-AP classes accelerate students by one grade level in order to allow for access to AP Calculus in high school. • Students are expected to complete more intense assignments on their own at home. • If students take high school math classes in middle school, they are still required to take 3 math classes at the high school.

  8. Pre-AP Courses in Middle School • 6th grade on-level math • 6th grade TEKS • 7th grade on-level math • 7th grade TEKS • 8th grade on-level math • 8th grade TEKS • 6th grade Pre-AP math • 6th TEKS • 7th grade TEKS. • 7th grade Pre-AP math • review 7th grade TEKS • 8th grade TEKS. • 8th grade Algebra I • Algebra 1 TEKS. **mastered all of the 8th grade TEKS.

  9. Characteristics of Pre-AP Students… • High A’s in math • Commended or near commended level TAKS exam • Hard working • Complete all assignments • Conscientious students. • are ready to commit to a course sequence leading to AP Calculus in high school.

  10. Other things to Consider • Students can still take an AP course in high school even if they take 8th grade math instead of Algebra I in middle school. • A mathematics course in the 12th grade is crucial for bridging into college without a loss of skills. Students who take Algebra I in the 8th grade are strongly encouraged to take a math course in the 12th grade. • If you intend to enroll in AP Calculus, you should enroll in the Pre-AP classes to be sufficiently prepared.

  11. Expected Mathematics Course Sequences Students Taking Algebra I as a 9th Grader Students Taking Algebra I as an 8th Grader

  12. Frisco Independent School District Secondary Science Programs

  13. Middle School Science • 6th grade • 7th grade • 7th grade Pre-AP • 8th grade • 8th grade Pre-AP

  14. Critical Knowledge and Skills—In Grade 6 Students Are… • Introduced to chemical change • Learn to work with laboratory equipment like beakers, test tubes and field equipment such as telescopes and computer probes for the first time • Investigate the Rock Cycle and identify sources of water in a watershed. • Percent, average, range, and frequency are applied in identifying patterns in collected information • Apply concepts of force and motion to volcanic activity and uplifting

  15. Middle School TAKS Blueprint

  16. Contact Us Jamie Wisneski Artie McLaurin

  17. Language Arts Curriculum

  18. English Language Arts & Reading PreAP & AP Information Spring 2010

  19. MS PreAP Offerings • Grade 6: PreAP English or ILA Literature Focus: Research as a process • Grade 7: PreAP English or ILA Literature Focus: Expressing ideas from reading, writing, and research • Grade 8: PreAP English or ILA Literature Focus: Literary analysis of multiple genres expressed through essays

  20. HS PreAP & AP Course Offerings • Grade 9: PreAP English I Literature Focus: Survey of dense readings in various genres • Grade 10: PreAP English II Literature Focus: Survey of dense readings in various genres • Grade 11: AP Language & Composition Literature Focus: Non-Fiction & American • Grade 12: AP Literature & Composition Literature Focus: British & Literary Period study

  21. Expectations & Qualities of a PreAP/AP Student The following are a few of the qualities and attributes listed by The College Board which indicate success in PreAP/AP classes: • The student is a confident independent reader • The student seeks out challenges and new concepts • The student possesses a respect and regard for literature, composition, and learning in general • The student is willing to go beyond the minimum requirements of any assignment • The student has the ability to listen and participate in a thoughtful exchange of ideas • The student is able to accept and to offer questions for which there are no clear answers • The student possesses writing abilities which demonstrate the use of controlled mechanics, grammar and usage, organization and syntax

  22. Summer Reading Component PreAP & AP courses do have a summer reading requirement. • The titles are posted on the district website, and students should be notified by their middle school English teacher. • Summer reading will be incorporated in learning the first week of class. • Parents can also contact the counseling department of their child’s respective campus during the summer.

  23. Indicators Used to Monitor & Assess Students’ Progress in PreAP/AP English Classes Students that choose to participate in the PreAP/AP English classes can expect to be challenged by the following class assignments: • Advanced writing in a variety of genres • Writing with increasing sophistication • Independent thinking over reading assignments as indicated by written work and discussion • Active participation in class discussions & group activities in class • Teacher observation • Oral interviews/presentations • Projects (portfolios, journals, etc)

  24. Some of the Major Differences Between Regular English & PreAP English • PreAp students are asked to read more • They are also asked to read more deeply so that they can discuss and write about the literature and the author’s craft in a significant way and at a more sophisticated level • On-level English focuses more on comprehension and basic literary analysis, with less depth & rigor in writing assignments. • Independent reading expectation are less intense in the on-level class.

  25. MS PreAP Maintenance Criteria A student who earns a 79 or below in a six week grading period will be placed on academic probation. If a 79 or below is earned for two consecutive six weeks, the student will be placed into the corresponding regular level class. Students enrolled in these courses should expect high standards and an additional time requirement.

  26. PreAP & AP GPA Information • When report card grades are converted to GPA, students receive a point higher GPA score than the equivalent grade in an on-level class. • That is, an 83 in PAP/AP counts as 93 on the GPA (though the additional points are reflected in GPA calculations only, not on report cards). • Added points do not apply to scores below failing. • Class ranks are done in September, February and the end of the 5th 6 weeks.

  27. PreAP & AP GPA Information

  28. Kristin Hebert K-12 ELAR Coordinator 469.633.6862

  29. Classes Students will have 8 periods a day. Math Reading English Social Studies Science Advisory Computer/PE Elective Each class last about 46 minutes with 4 minute passing periods. Core subjects are located close to each other Students will have a different teacher for each subject. Each teacher may have different rules for the classroom and different styles of teaching. Students may want to copy their schedules. Place a copy in their lockers, tape one inside your planner (provided by school) and keep one copy at home.

  30. Lunches Two lunch periods Students may choose where they would like to sit during lunch

  31. Registration • March 24th Bright Elementary • March 25th Rogers Elementary • March 25th Christie Elementary

  32. Registration cards

  33. Step 1 – Complete Student Information 1. Enter student ID number in the upper left hand corner and put an X in the appropriate gender. Student ID Number Male Female • Complete the blanks asking for you Last name, First Name, Parent Name andDaytime Phone. Please print this information. The phone number is very important in case we need to contact you regarding a course change or schedule change before school starts. Student Last Name __________________ Student First Name _______________________ Parent Name _______________________ Daytime Phone ( ______ ) __________________

  34. Step 2 – Complete Required Course Section • All students are required to take the following classes: • Reading • Science • World History • Computer Literacy/PE • Advisory • English or Pre-AP English* • Math or Pre-AP Math* • *All students must take English, yet there are 3 different levels offered: 1) English, 2) English Pre AP and 3) English GT. • *All students must also choose between 1) Math 6 and 2) Math 6 Pre-AP *Please discuss these options as a family before completing the bottom half of the Required Courses Section!

  35. What is Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP)? • The Pre-AP program is designed to empower students with the skills necessary to succeed in the high school Honors/Advanced Placement classes. Pre-AP courses give students the chance to improve their critical thinking skills in a student-oriented learning environment while exposing them to rigorous and advanced curriculum. High expectations for behavior, self-discipline, and academics will be in place for all enrolled students. A Note about Pre-AP Courses • Students who enroll in these courses should expect high standards and allow for additional time requirements. Recommended Maintenance Criteria for all grade levels: • • A student who earns below a 70% in two consecutive six week grading periods will be placed on academic probation and a committee including the student, parent and teacher will convene to develop a plan for future success. • • If at the conclusion of the six weeks of probation the student again earns below a 70% the committee will reconvene to determine if Pre-AP, Algebra 1 and/or Spanish 1 is the appropriate placement

  36. Schedule Changes The master schedule for the next year is built based upon student schedule requests made at this time; therefore, schedule changes in the fall are not allowed unless absolutely necessary.

  37. TAKS LAB • Students who do not meet the recommended standard of 2100 for the TAKS Math and/or Reading test(s) will be requiredto take an accelerated class in place of their elective for portions of the TAKS they did not master. • Students who score 2150 or below on the TAKS Math and/or Reading test(s) may also be recommended for placement in an accelerated class in place of their elective for portions of the TAKS in which they struggled.

  38. Lockers Each student will receive his/her own locker at orientation Students may want to practice with a combination lock before school begins Don’t give your combination to anyone Keep it organized

  39. Step 3– Elective ChoicesChoose one elective BAND ORCHESTRA ELECTIVE EXPLORATION Spanish Art Theater Arts Skills for Living Choir Technology

  40. Band and Orchestra Information

  41. What are the instrument choices • Orchestra • Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Harp • Band • Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Percussion (Drums)

  42. What if I have financial concerns? • Every student has a chance for Band or Orchestra • Both Band and Orchestra have programs for reduced or free rentals if needed. • Let the directors know if you are concerned about financial obligations so they can reserve an instrument.

  43. What are the steps to joining Band and Orchestra • Mark Band or Orchestra as your first choice. • Be ‘screened’ on possible instrument choices. The directors will help you decide what instrument is best for you. • Counselors will schedule you into the correct class. • You are not enrolled in a class until you mark it on your schedule! (screening does not automatically enroll you in the class)

  44. Other considerations • Students are encouraged to enroll in Band or Orchestra in 6th grade as that is the designated ‘beginner year’. • You can still enroll in 7th grade, but will be in classes with mostly 6th grade.

  45. Elective Exploration(The Wheel) Example Only ELECTIVE EXPLORATION 1st 6 weeks Spanish 2nd 6 weeks Art 3rd 6 weeks Theater Arts 4th 6 weeks Skills for Living 5th 6 weeks Choir 6th 6 weeks Technology Only Band and Orchestra are a full year.

  46. Special Programs • English as a Second Language Please write “ESL” at the top of your registration card. An LPAC meeting will be held later this semester to discuss official placement. Student rosters and LPAC information will be sent directly from the elementary campus to SMS. • Gifted and Talented Please write “GT” at the top of your registration card to indicate that your child is currently in the FISD GT program. A roster of GT students will be sent directly from the elementary campuses to SMS. GT students are served through the English course, so please choose English GT on the registration card. • Special Education Please write “SpEd” at the top of your registration card to indicate that your child is currently receiving special education services. Student rosters and ARD information will be sent directly from the elementary campuses to SMS. • Dyslexia Please write “Dyslexia” at the top of your registration card to indicate that your child is currently in the dyslexia program. Official placement for your child will be determined later this semester at your home campus. Student rosters and their placements will be sent directly from the elementary campuses to SMS.

  47. Step 4- Sign & Date Registration CardIt is very important that parents read through all the statements on registration card and then sign and date at the bottom of the page Parent Signature______________ Date________________

  48. Step 5 –turn in your completed yellow registration card to Your Elementary Teacher By April 1st, 2010.

  49. Go mustangs! We are really looking forward to having you join us at STALEY Middle School for the 2010-11 school year!