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AF Tent City, Tallil AB, Iraq – June 03

AF Tent City, Tallil AB, Iraq – June 03. 407th /332 nd (EMEDS). PH/Ento tent. Tallil AB. Two 12K runways 24K US & Coalition (~ 1500 AF) Most with NO PPE…. 1000’s of sand flies tested/wk 1-3% sand flies infected Historically Agricultural Area. Working with the ADOS…

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AF Tent City, Tallil AB, Iraq – June 03

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  1. AF Tent City, Tallil AB, Iraq – June 03 407th /332nd (EMEDS) PH/Ento tent

  2. Tallil AB • Two 12K runways • 24K US & Coalition (~ 1500 AF) • Most with NO PPE…. • 1000’s of sand flies tested/wk • 1-3% sand flies infected • Historically Agricultural Area

  3. Working with the ADOS… (BEEs, PHO, Dental, Flt Med)

  4. Liason with CE Other Services Coalition Forces

  5. What will you do? • Commander Driven - Personality & Luck • Liaison between CE and EMEDS • Oversee and consult on: • Vector & pest control, habitat destruction, contracts, training • Obtain equipment, pesticides, personnel, vehicles • Convince CE CC’s to let CE PM do job • Mass bednet, uniform trt with permethin • Liaison with other Services and PM Coalition Forces • Established biweekly PM meeting • Liaison with CENTAF • Aggressive Education Campaign • “Right Start” Briefings • Unit Briefs/visits, Local Newspaper, posters, wallet cards • Commander’s/Sr NCO support • Surveillance, diagnostics, trainer, identifier

  6. What to do… • Befriend the flight surgeons, RAMs, other docs, OSI, BMEDS, Loggies, base supply, SF, CE if possible… • Go with FS during shop visits • Get techs and other ADOS personnel involved in what you are doing – buy in… • Take them out collecting, teach them to ID SFs, etc. • Befriend Coalition forces…Some days are all PR • Start a weekly preventive medicine meeting • ADOS, Coalition, Other services, Vets, Contractors, CE • New comer briefing… • Hand pick your people if possible • Keep in contact with PHOs and CE at different bases. • Work with Command entos…

  7. What not to do… • Ease your way in…. • Avoid becoming PHO or other position if possible • Don’t go outside chain of command • Make sure your bosses know if you talking to CENTAF • CC your bosses – personality driven

  8. Surveillance and Diagnostics • Joint Effort – AF arrived with no capability • Purpose: • Track sand fly populations • Evaluate Control effectiveness • ID sand fly & disease “hot spots” • Determine Leishmania infection rates • Amazed at how effective traps w/ NO CO2 were • Commanders interested in results…. • Didn’t know when Army was leaving • Col Swaby and Keith and others – deployed RAPIDS

  9. What do I bring with me? • GPS • Digital Camera • Bring it with you… • Leverage resources • Call/write unit weeks before • $ not issue, getting it is… • Loggie and BMEDs guys

  10. Sand Fly/Mosquito Collection Equipment Checklist - Iraq Field notebook/clip board GPS (Garmin) with WW software and cables Compass Plastic eye droppers/pipettes Turkey baisters and Stump suckers Dippers Enamel and plastic pans Bioquip rearing chambers Aedes food (rabbit pellets) Culex food (fish food flakes) CDC traps (JH model 1012/1010 -ordered) Extra bulbs, motors, ropes, trap hangers Extra New style collection cups with small mesh screen 6 V - 10 AH batteries & chargers Alligator clip wires for batteries (32) LED headlamp + batteries Twine/Rope Plastic streamers (assorted colors) Volt Meter and X-tra 9 V battery Flashlights and X-tra D-Cell batteries AA batteries Coolers Ice packs Eppendorf tubes (snap caps)- 1000 + Sample boxes Or Cryovials Digital camera with macro mode Silica Gel packs and Desiccant granules Stereo microscope (60 X min) Goose neck light Eye piece micrometers Carrying case for microscope Hand held “loupe” Flow Kits Regulators/ Tubing/Orifaces/Xtra parts Gaskets/Teflon Tape Tool Kit Cresent wrench and Channel locks Assorted screwdrivers & pliers “Leatherman” Duct tape Misc locks with keys Latex surgical gloves Leather gloves Hand-held/collapsible insect nets Label tape and Tape board VMD determination gear -Teflon coated slides - Stage micrometer - Eye piece micrometer - VMD software Lockable transport trucks Each w/Business cards and copy of passport Sherman Traps (approx 30) Dissection kit Formalin Potassium or sodium hydroxide for clearing specimens Extension cords Power strip(s) Magnifying lamp USB memory stick/thumb drive Laptop computer (minimum CD burner, DVD helpful, make sure member has administrative access so PC can be hooked to local server) Roll of duct tape RW CDs and box of 3.5” diskettes Schmidt Boxes Pins Points/minutins Point Maker Pinning block Fine point india ink pens Lots of sharpies, all sizes, colors Label paper Forceps - Fine tipped and Feather-weight Clear Nail Polish or “model” glue Ca. 1 gallon 100% ETOH Ca. 1 gallon 75% ETOH Dram specimen vials ID books Relevant scientific literature – down load all appropriate sand fly, mosq, insect or Mid East from DIPMIAC Microscope slides and cover slips Larval mounting media Slide spinner Whirl Paks Zip lock bags, small and large Push pins Emergent jars and lids Aspirators (HEPA) Aspirator Vials and lids “Ice cream” cups with screen and dental dam Flat tupperware containers Envelopes Data Collection Forms Counter (mechanical, push button)

  11. Questions?

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