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Learning Management Systems Assessment. Church History Department The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Purpose. Identify LMS needs in the Church History Department (CHD) at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) Evaluate a minimum of three LMS vendors

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Learning management systems assessment

Learning Management Systems Assessment

Church History Department

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


  • Identify LMS needs in the Church History Department (CHD) at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church)

  • Evaluate a minimum of three LMS vendors

  • Discuss key differences between vendors

  • Make recommendation for future LMS contract evaluations

Chd needs
CHD Needs

  • Variable learner quantities

  • Open and/or closed content access

  • Learning pathways

  • Customizable communications (learner, instructor, admin, etc…)

  • Able to communicate with Human Resources System

  • Support Single Sign-on (SSO)

  • Variable scheduling/repeating

  • Access to backend and frontend for system maintenance

  • Data back-up

  • “User-friendly” interface for posting content (“non-techy” instructors)

  • International language support (without extensive mark-up)

  • Competitive cost


  • NetDimensions LearningSolutions

  • Instructure Canvas

  • LearningZen

Leading vendor analysis based on chd needs
Leading Vendor Analysis(Based on CHD Needs)

Discussion learningsolutions
Discussion: LearningSolutions

  • The current LMS (LearningSolutions) would likely be the best choice, especially when comparing upgrading instead of fresh install.

  • LearningSolutions provides the greatest support for the expanding global growth of the department through the Area Repositories (33 languages).

  • The user interface of LearningSolutions is the most complex, being that it relies heavily on back-end development. For general instructors, this might be inhibitive, meaning that there will need to be support from ICS or select Instructional Designers to implement the true strengths of the system.

Discussion canvas
Discussion: Canvas

  • Canvas is currently driving the LMS market, and has the strongest initiative for future growth.

  • Canvas has taken the initiative to focus on supporting LTI instead of SCORM due to security concerns at the Java level.

  • Canvas is the most robust and flexible overall, but based on the criteria that was identified, LearningSolutions has a slight edge over Canvas.

  • The user interface of Canvas is fairly intuitive, but in some instances, it would be easy for instructors to become confused.

Discussion learningzen
Discussion: LearningZen

  • LearningZen offers the best price, which is annually configured, rather than being based on access counts.

  • LearningZen could be an ideal vendor as an alternate if emphasis is open-access to material.

  • If the user interface for instructors is inhibitive, LearningZen might be preferential, although it has limits to customization based on institutional needs.

  • LearningZen has limited support for system-wide customization.

  • While certificates are trackable with LearningZen, it doesn’t communicate well with HR systems to formally track and monitor certification levels by default.


  • Based on the criterion identified for the needs of the CHD, LearningSolutions is still the leading vendor

  • The developments of other LMS vendors is worth tracking as communication standards are developed/advanced (SCORM vs. LTI & others)

  • International Language support will continue to be a determining criterion for final service selection, although this should also be monitored


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