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Assessment Management Systems

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Assessment Management Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Assessment Management Systems. June 11, 2013 Learning Assessment Committee. Key Institutional Questions. Regarding academic program assessment: What is most important to faculty?

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Assessment Management Systems

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    1. Assessment Management Systems June 11, 2013 Learning Assessment Committee

    2. Key Institutional Questions Regarding academic program assessment: • What is most important to faculty? If faculty members are not committed to using an assessment tool to enter data, does it matter what tool HCC adopts?

    3. Key Institutional Questions Regarding academic program assessment: • What is most important to the Academic Affairs leadership? If there is not agreement among the Deans and the Vice President regarding the purposes for assessment software, is it likely that the software will be used in different ways by each division resulting in ambiguous outcomes?

    4. Key Institutional Questions Regarding academic program assessment: • Will Academic Affairs leaders take the necessary actions to ensure that the software is used uniformly and correctly across the campus? If there are not clearly articulated expectations and accountability measures for the use of the software, does not the possibility increase that the software will be used inconsistently among divisions?

    5. Key Software Questions • Is the potential cost of the product so high that it should not be considered? Should students pay an additional fee in order to advance assessment practice at HCC? • Can the product accommodate administrative unit assessments? • Can the product connect directly to Banner? To BlackBoard? • Is the product customizable?

    6. Purchase process at HCC • Committee examines products, narrows choices • Contracts over $25K require bid process • Committee drafts Specifications for RFP • Procurement finalizes RFP, invites responses • Committee reviews bids, makes recommendation for awarding contract • BOT approves contract • (Implementation of student fee would require widespread discussion with SA, Finance, others, and approval by BOT)

    7. Baseline—TracDat Pros— • Highly customizable (labeling, custom fields, permissions, etc.) • Course, program, institution, accreditation-level assessment • Curriculum mapping • Document repository • Customizable reporting feature • Academic and administrative assessment • Datatools feature allows for easy collection from non-TracDat users (adjuncts)

    8. Baseline—TracDat Cons— • Not intuitive • Reporting not user-friendly • Complex • “Double” work • Course-level assessment only within programs (non-required and non-Gen Ed courses not assessed within system) • Bad karma

    9. Task Stream Key features— • Incorporates dashboard and process tracking • Allows for student-uploaded artifacts and evidence (e-portfolio for extra fee) • Integration with ERP (Banner) and CMS (Blackboard) • Rubric creation or templates

    10. TK20 Key Features— • Includes templates for planning, reporting, syllabi • Integrated rubric feature • Flexible reporting (assisted and Ad Hoc) • Banner integration

    11. eLumen Key Features— • Requires use by all faculty for course grading • Focus on individual student performance

    12. Others Compliance Assist—focus on MSCHE, Strategic Planning compliance, faculty management Live Text—paid by student fees Weave Online—limited capabilities

    13. Next Steps • Decide on top 2-3 systems for faculty PD demonstrations • Decide on format for maximum faculty exposure to systems • Make recommendations to ???