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learning management systems

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learning management systems
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learning management systems

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  2. About Olive CBSE • Olive International is an authorized, certified and empanelled organization by the CBSE, introduced to standardize and maintain uniformity in the implementation of CCE, the CBSE Board has identified/empanelled our agency to render online and offline Learning Management System and digital classrooms to more than 15000 CBSE affiliated schools and more than 1 crore students across India. • We are the leading learning technology solution providers offering end-to-end e-learning solutions to a wide spectrum of clients including organizations, academic institutions and enterprises. • The company has one of the largest repositories of e-learning content in India. empanelled

  3. Highlights We are certified, licensed and awarded by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for providing Comprehensive Online & Offline Learning Management System For “CCE” in more than 16000 CBSE schools worldwide.

  4. Since 11 years we are successfully developing, operating and dealing in E-Learning Solutions, Simulations and Learning Management Systems. • We have been awarded by CBSE for offering comprehensive offline and online LMS for CCE in the CBSE affiliated schools. • Mapped to CBSE, ICSE,IB and State Boards Curriculum based on Multiple Learning Experiences. • Exclusive Teacher Training – Pedagogy Certification. • Exclusive Quality Audit for Schools. OUR EDGE

  5. 200+ Content developers, Child Physicology and educational experts developing content from last 3 yrs with a very strong backend support to ensure quality services. • e@sy Learning through technology forms the core aim. • Our LMS, Interactive content and Teaching pedagogy ensure that learning is not only restricted to multimedia but provides a holistic solution to the school in terms of educational value in the most cost effective way. • Empowering services to many schools . OUR EDGE

  6. Products And Services The various products and Services are: • Learning Management System • Interactive Classroom Technology • Online and offline Content • Question Bank • Well designed Lesson Plans • Self Assessment Tests • Parent - Teacher Interaction

  7. Our Key Features ICT: Interactive Classroom Technology • Based on Multiple Learning Experiences. • Activity Oriented Teaching • Multimedia – A true differentiator • Structured Worksheets • Mapped content as per teaching points • Virtual Labs • Grade Book • Game Based Assessment tools • Collaborative Platforms

  8. Our Key Features Learming Management System: Online and offline • Self made tests • e-content online and offline mode • Assessments • Exercises • Grade Book • Question bank • Value added content

  9. Kindly Log on to Our website www.oliveedu.com.The homepage will appear as shown in the picture.

  10. The Student’s Dashboard

  11. Benefits of LMS For Students • Interactive and smart content • Value Added Content • Home Assignments and projects • Online Assessments • Student Grade Book • Work sheets • Online and offline Tests   • Feasibility of notes • Learning Management System • Question Banks • Interaction with Teachers

  12. The Teacher’s Dashboard

  13. Benefits of LMS For Teachers • Attendance records • Access timetables   • Prepare lesson plans • Test generators • Pool of question bank • Student’s grade book   • Assessments • Notes feasibility • Relevant and interactive content delivery   • Feasibility of notes or resource managing • Portability to access at anywhere. • Interactions with parents & students.

  14. The Parent’s Dashboard

  15. Benefits of LMS For Parents • Student’s Notes and Assignments.   • Ability to track the Student’s Grade book and Progress report. • Tracking of student’s attendance on daily basis. • Improvement Notes for up gradation of student’s performance. • One platform for Teachers, Students, Parents & School to interact with each other. • Parents will always be confident about their children’s security.

  16. The School’s Dashboard

  17. Benefits of LMS For School • Immeasurable control and support for school councils to provide a secure and customize solutions for the entire school community to congregate, manage information, track record, control content and approve changes and modifications.   • Unique approach and phenomena added in e-learning to make edification eye capturing, assimilating and easy to imbibe by students. The sense of interactions flavored through multimedia lesson plans, intelligence tools and structured content. • Ability to send updations and alerts to students, teachers and parents. •  Capacity to enhance unlimited question pool, generate test batteries, online progress report and notes to improve the performance of students.

  18. Other Products and Services Enterprise Resource Planning System Language Labs Student Exchange Programme Tablet Service Provider

  19. Online Demo available at: www.oliveedu.com For any queries, e-mail us at: info@oliveedu.com 24X7 Call Center Support 0181-7102456 09888825500