Comparing and contrasting colonial administrations
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Comparing and Contrasting Colonial Administrations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Comparing and Contrasting Colonial Administrations. Karl Hetzke Judson Goode. British Colonialism. The British system of colonialism was Mercantilism, the idea that the colonies live only for the sake of the mother country.

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British colonialism
British Colonialism

  • The British system of colonialism was Mercantilism, the idea that the colonies live only for the sake of the mother country.

  • Mercantilism works by the colonies providing their controller with raw materials, then the Mother country produces good and sells it back to the colonizers.

  • The English rule was intolerant towards the indigenous peoples of the lands they controlled. Natives in lands the British conquered were either eliminated or displaced.

  • Colonies were controlled very directly and strictly by the Monarchy.

  • British colonies were heavily taxed to provide the country itself with profit.

Ottoman colonialism
Ottoman Colonialism

  • The Ottomans were very tolerant of their conquered peoples.

  • They often let their colonies' citizens retain most aspects of their religion and culture.

  • The Ottomans split their colonies into emirs, which are basically indivigual states ruled by separate governors that still adhere to the mandate of the Mother Country.

  • Unification in the empire was important to retaining peace but, ironically the Sultan often kept the rulers of the emirs fighting amongst themselves in order to maintain his own rule.

Comparison of ottoman and british colonialism
Comparison of Ottoman and British Colonialism

  • Both taxed the citizens of their colonies.

  • The final say in political matters came from the Mother Country.

  • Their empires spread far across the globe and yet each maintained a firm hold on their colonies and protectorates.

Contrasts of ottoman and british colonialism
Contrasts of Ottoman and British Colonialism

  • British

  • Forced their culture and beliefs onto conquered states.

  • Mandated that trade would be done only between the country and it’s colonies.

  • Took over unknown lands which were much less technologically advanced.

  • Decimated native population and replaced with English citizens.

  • Ottoman

  • Remained religiously and culturally tolerant.

  • Encouraged trade throughout the globe with many different cultures.

  • Conquered known nations and placed their hold on the citizens.

  • Generally kept a citizenship of natives in each colony.