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Comparing and Contrasting Genres

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Comparing and Contrasting Genres - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Comparing and Contrasting Genres. Test Prep Tuesday. Comparing/Contrasting Genres.

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comparing contrasting genres
Comparing/Contrasting Genres

A reluctant hero saves a village. An unhappy kid learns a secret that changes his life. How many books or movies have you seen with one of these storylines? Many “new” stories are actually old stories retold in new ways, and sometimes in a different genre.

comparing contrasting genres1
Comparing/Contrasting Genres

A genre is a specific category of literature, such as poetry, drama, fantasy, or historical fiction.


A theme is the larger message of a text. It is a phrase, not a word.

What is the theme of “The Tortoise and the Hare”?

What about “The Boy Who Called Wolf?”

How do these two texts compare and contrast?

to fight aloud is very brave by emily dickinson
To Fight Aloud Is Very Brave by Emily Dickinson

1 To fight aloud, is very brave,

But gallanter, I know,

Who charge within the bosom,

The Cavalry of Woe,

5 Who win, and nations do not see,

Who fall—and none observe,

Whose dying eyes, no Country,

Regards with patriot love,

10 We trust, in plumed procession

For such, the Angels go,

Rank after Rank, with even feet,

And Uniforms of Snow.

-What is the genre of this text?

Write it above the left-hand side of your Venn Diagram

Answer the following in the left-hand side of your Venn Diagram:

-What is the topic of the poem?

-What is the theme, or main message?

brave soldiers by lin mori
Brave Soldiers by Lin Mori

When Tasha came downstairs early Saturday morning, her father was dressed in full military uniform. His duffle bag was leaning against the front door, and his smile didn’t seem quite real. When he kneeled down, Tasha fit into his arms like a key in a lock.

“Remember,” he said calmly, “that it’s my job to protect our country, and it’s your job to be strong and brave at home.”

Tasha nodded in agreement, but she could feel her eyes swelling. Some tears escaped, but Tasha knew she couldn’t show her father how afraid she was. She would have to be brave for him now, and for herself, until he returned.

-What is the genre of this text?

Write it above the right-hand side of your Venn Diagram

Answer the following in the right-hand side of your Venn Diagram:

-What is the topic of the short story?

-What is the theme, or main message?

How does the story approach the topic of bravery?

Complete the Venn Diagram on the back of your blue sheet by adding details comparing and contrasting the poem and the short story.

question 1
Question #1
  • A: What does oppressive mean?
  • B: Before We Were Free does not mention scientific development
  • C: They do not mention fitting in at school
  • D: Before We Were Free does not address the importance of music
question 11
Question #1
  • Oppressive means brutal or harsh
  • Answer A is correct because:
    • Anita’s family keep their political beliefs in secret to avoid notice by the dictatorial government
    • Raven’s world the government arrests people who play or listen to music
question 2
Question #2

A: Neither Anita’s father nor Raven accept things they disagree with


C: Anita’s father and Raven and her classmate DO challenge people in power, but it is NOT foolish or childish

D: Characters is both stories endure unfair treatment, but demonstrate courage and bravery (not weakness)

question 21
Question #2

Answer B is correct because:

  • Anita’s family’s defiance of the government’s authority shows a bravery that is not apparent to the outside world
  • Raven’s listening to musical notes in her head shows her secret defiance to authority
question 3
Question #3

A: While the second story shows a moment of courage, the first story takes place in one evening--not over a long period of time

B: Both stories show courage as a good quality, not a problemC: Both stories show the courage of group: Anita’s family in the first; Raven and classmates in second

question 31
Question #3

Answer D is correct because:

  • Anita’s family courageously keeps their beliefs secret
  • Raven braces authority by humming in class, leading others to join her
on the back of your blue sheet
On the back of your blue sheet...

What is a reward you would like to see for the winning team?

Is there something a teacher could do as a penalty (NOT EATING DOG FOOD!)