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THE KILLER LIGER. Brought to you by LIGERWORLD.COM CONTAINS ABSOLUTE INFORMATION ABOUT LIGERS. THE KILLER LIGER. Before going into this incident there are few things that need to know about ligers Ligers are the biggest cats on earth.

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the killer liger


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the killer liger1
  • Before going into this incident there are few things that need to know about ligers
  • Ligers are the biggest cats on earth.
  • In terms of their personality they are considered as very mild.
  • Lions are believed to be more aggressive when they grow up.
  • Before this incidence there has never been a liger attack incidence.
  • But what will happen when such a big cat will attack a human being? Certainly death will be an ultimate result.

the killer liger2
  • Rocky is one of the male liger that lives in California.
  • Rocky used to live aloof in its cage.
  • No one was allowed to go into the cage of the rocky.
  • Rocky was given food while standing outside the cage.
  • The animal sanctuary individuals were already scared of this liger.
  • Why? Because of one key reason and that is Rocky has never been raised in the sanctuary.
  • In fact Rocky was shifted to the animal sanctuary as an orphan liger.

the killer liger3
  • In such circumstances the behavior of the animal is always unpredictable.
  • The same was true about the Rocky the liger as well.
  • The liger surely had a bad past. There was sense of insecurity and scariness in the heart and mind of the Rocky the liger.
  • Usually such things make the big cats highly aggressive.
  • Then what happened next?
  • Peter Getz was an animal trainer at the animal sanctuary. He used to train tigers.
  • However, he never had an experience with the ligers.

the killer liger4
  • He would have never knew that his experience with the liger would prove out to be his last one.
  • He entered the cage of the liger and tried to give him some food.
  • But liger ignored the food and in fact targeted Peter Getz.
  • It was a total attack, in which the liger mauled him several times.
  • The animal sanctuary experts rushed to the scene and somehow managed to keep the Getz out of the cage.
  • Liger was distracted by the food.

the killer liger5
  • Getz was still alive when he was recovered. But he did receive fatal head wounds.
  • He was in hospital for more than a day and then the second day it was all it. Peter Getz died while experimenting with a liger that was meant to be for experimenting face to face.
  • He lost his life. Surely it was a big loss for the animal sanctuary as well as he had a good experience already with the tigers.
  • This is another proof that big cats or exotic animals are never meant to be pets. They belong to the wild and they are dangerous to have at home

the killer liger6
  • The question remains, that it was the only incident of the liger ever to kill a human being.
  • Previously a liger tried to eat a girl before it was shot down by the girl’s father.
  • But how many people in the world get the victim like that of Peter Getz.
  • In USA each year 10 people because of tiger attacks. The so called tigers which are living as pets in their houses.
  • These animals are beautiful, but they require a treatment and a great degree of care. Leaving and abandoning them becomes difficult as they become more aggressive this way and become the killer liger.