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The Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac Killer. To: Ms. Ross By: Jana Mackinnon October 14,2014. Maps Of Where He Murdered….

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The Zodiac Killer

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  1. The Zodiac Killer To: Ms. Ross By: Jana Mackinnon October 14,2014

  2. Maps Of Where He Murdered… The Zodiac Killer murdered his victims in San Francisco, Benicia, Vallejo and Lake Berryessa…

  3. The Zodiac Killer Mystery… The Zodiac Killer operated in Northern California in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The killer’s identity still remains unknown. No one knows anything about this man, people don’t know his real name, and how old he is, where he’s at now or even if he’s still alive. The Zodiac Killer murdered victims in Benicia, Vallejo, Lake Berryessa and San Francisco between December 1968 and October 1969. Four men and three women between the ages of sixteen and twenty-nine were confirmed to be killed by the Zodiac. One of the only known sightings of the Zodiac Killer led the witness at the Stine scene to provide this description that led to the composite sketch everyone is familiar with, “White Male Adult, in his early forties, 5'8", heavy build, reddish-blond ‘crew cut’ hair, wearing eyeglasses, dark brown trousers, dark (navy blue or black) ‘Parka' jacket, dark shoes.” The killer originated the name “Zodiac” because of the series of taunting letters he sent to the press in the San Francisco area with a zodiac symbol at the bottom. These letters include four cryptograms and out of the four cryptograms only one was completely solved by detectives. In these letters the Zodiac Killer claimed to have killed thirty-seven people between 1966 and 1974. The Zodiac Killer stayed in communication with the press and police and on April 20, 1970, the Zodiac Killer wrote “My name is ____” followed by a thirteen character cipher. The final letter from the Zodiac Killer praised The Exorcist and the letter had an unusual symbol at the bottom that has remained unexplained by detectives. Also the letter had a score on the bottom of the page, it read “Me = 37, SFPD = 0” (SFPD means San Francisco Police Department).

  4. Wanted poster for the Zodiac Killer One of the many Zodiac letters The first sketch from the Stine murder Zodiac Killer cryptic letter Pictures… A letter from the Zodiac Killer with his name ciphered The last known letter from the Zodiac Killer The only letter decoded by detectives

  5. Theories of The Zodiac Killer… Many people have claimed to know or be the Zodiac Killer but none have actually been determined. Also many people have tried to use DNA to confirm the killer but it has always come back inconclusive. Dennis Kaufman claimed his stepfather Jack Tarrance was the Zodiac Killer because Kaufman turned over several items including a hood that was similar to the one worn by the Zodiac Killer. In 2009 History Channel looked at Richard Gaikowskiduring the times of the murders. His appearance resembled the composite sketch of the Zodiac Killer and the voice was identified as being the same tone as the killer from a call he made to the police after killing one of his victims. Jack vs Zodiac Killer Richard vs Zodiac Killer

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