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Mission-Based Management

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Mission-Based Management. Electronic CV System Users Group. March 2010. What is the Early Entry Process?. Here are the steps for the Early Entry Process:.

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Mission-Based Management

Electronic CV System

Users Group

March 2010

what is the early entry process
What is the Early Entry Process?

Here are the steps for the Early Entry Process:

1. Staff member submits Early Entry Request form to Jan Cundey ( in Faculty Administration.  The easiest flow is to e-mail the form to Jan and cc: the MBM Office at

2. Jan will enter the basic information into the system, and then let the MBM Office and the requester know it is ready for entry.

3. MBM prioritizes CV’s based on requested entry date and on a “first come first served” basis.

4. Once the entry is complete, MBM will e-mail the prospective faculty member to clarify any questions.  MBM will enter any requested changes and then e-mail back to the faculty for final approval to use the CV in the appointment process.  If there are no questions, the faculty member will still be asked to approve the entered CV for use.  The department requester will be copied on all correspondence with the faculty member.

5. When the faculty member has given final approval, the MBM Office will let the requester know that the CV is ready to be used in the appointment packet.

6. When the faculty member arrives, the MBM Office will request a 20-30 minute meeting to show him or her the system.

You can check the MBM website below to see the due dates to get your CV’s to MBM in order

to meet monthly Faculty Administration deadlines.


If you have any questions regarding the early entry process, feel free to contact Mishka Foster

at 585-7552

early entry request form
Early Entry Request Form

The form asks for the “requested entry completion date.”  This date lets MBM know the date you need the CV entered by and returned to you.  You should have your CV’s to MBM at least four weeks prior to the appointment deadline so that MBM will have enough time to enter and return to the faculty and department for final review.  MBM will have CV’s entered within three weeks of receipt.  Certain times of the year are very busy for new hires, and many departments are sending CV’s to MBM for early entry, so the sooner you get your CV’s in the sooner they can be entered. 

…Ah yes, I like what you’ve done here

who is in the cv system
Who IS in the CV System?


  • Faculty Appointment (One of the full-time tracks – Fabulous Five)
    • Tenure
    • Clinical/(Clinical)
    • Research
    • Lecturer
    • Visitor
  • Other Special Cases - Mainly for Find-a-Doc purposes
    • Staff Physicians/Providers
    • Credentialed Midlevels (e.g., Physician Assistants, Physical Therapists, Nurse Practitioners)
who is not in the cv system
Who is NOT in the CV System ?

The Verdict

  • Medical Students, Residents, Post Doctoral Fellows, Clinical Fellows, Research Associates, Staff
  • Exception: Those chief residents and fellows who have faculty appointments (Remember – It’s all about the faculty appointment!)
  • The scope of individuals eligible to use the CV system will be increased when the usage of our 1,500 current faculty is more solid.
new hire process
New Hire Process
  • 1. Monthly we run a list of new faculty hired during the previous month.
  • 2. We “remove” the faculty that have been entered already through the Early Entry Process.
  • 3. MBM emails each faculty member requesting a Word document copy of their CV.
  • 4. Once the CV is received, we enter the CV into the MBM System.
  • 5. We then request a 30 minute meeting with the faculty to clarify any questions and introduce them to the system.
new main campus find a researcher tool
New Main Campus Find-a-Researcher Tool
  • University’s Office of Information Technology is developing a new public campus-wide Find-a-Researcher web application which will incorporate MBM data as faculty members opt-in.
  • Similar to MBM’s internal application, the public web-based search will enable users to find and contact faculty members based on research keywords, name, international experience, specialized equipment, and department.
  • Advantages to opting in:• Provides campus-wide colleagues with information about research interests to facilitate interdisciplinary research efforts• Allows all University students to see faculty research interests to facilitate mentoring and research support on faculty projects and in their labs, etc.
new main campus find a researcher tool1
New Main Campus Find-a-Researcher Tool
  • Fields included
    • Name
    • Research Interests
    • Research Statement
    • Research Locations
    • Languages
new main campus find a researcher tool2
New Main Campus Find-a-Researcher Tool

How to opt-in:

Email Cynthia Best at