Random hopefully helpful tips
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Random (& Hopefully) Helpful tips…. Farrin N. Abbott, McC Research Administration. 8 Steps to create the proposal record!. If your proposal seems to be locked… Don’t Panic, just remember: Paper Icon means EDIT. Spectacles means VIEW ONLY!. NOTES…only available on rainbow road?.

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Random hopefully helpful tips

Random (& Hopefully) Helpful tips…

Farrin N. Abbott, McC Research Administration

8 steps to create the proposal record
8 Steps to create the proposal record!

If your proposal seems to be locked…Don’t Panic, just remember: Paper Icon means EDIT. Spectacles means VIEW ONLY!

Notes only available on rainbow road
NOTES…only available on rainbow road?

NOTES?? We need to have a system to enter notes to reviewers. Why can’t we access the notes screen as we route?

Would saving a word document suffice? Perhaps, but its another upload to possibly forget.

The Two Routing Functions

OSR-1 route will skip the PI and go straight to the Chair & then the Dean.PI Route will go only to the PI—nice because you can route the unfinished version before they leave town, etc.

Checking approvals not quite as easy as eproposal

Shows the current routing approvals:

Checking Approvals…not quite as easy as eProposal…

But to see ALL approvals, you have to click the little pirate scroll:

Changing the PI’s CV/NIH Biosketch is something we do often, but if you click the “remove” icon: …it will remove the PI/Co-PI’s and mess up the entire budget/effort!!!

Instead: Be sure to click the small document icon with the red X.

NOTE: It errors if the document uploads are not perfectly 8.5” x 11”. And I mean PERFECTLY. I had to use an image editor to fix the document from 8.4933” x 11”…keep that in mind because letters of commitment/cost share can arrive late.Adobe Acrobat Pro:DocumentCrop PagesPhotoshop, etc.

Changing pi info login credentials or address
Changing PI Info: Login Credentials or Address

Problem shifting an end date

Specific Example

The solicitation says: Field 13. Proposed Project: Enter start date: 09/30/2012; Enter end date: 7/31/2017.

Problem shifting an end date.

Strange date format worked without the leading zero

So when I enter 07/31/2017 – it gives this error screen:

But when I enter 7/31/2017 – it works to shift the end date:

Strange date format worked. (Without the leading zero)

Performance site auto loads
Performance Site Auto Loads

OSR requested that I remove OSR’s site info– to have the PI’s performance locationinstead. Edit the box. Save yourself time by using the DUNS & Congressional district provided in the autoload.

Effort is based on 12 month appt. for everyone!! Apparently this will NOT cause a problem when it interfaces with InfoEd—but it is a problem in that it looks wrong for routing! Example: 1 mo. of summer:

The pluses

The Pluses… this will NOT cause a problem when it interfaces with

Grants.gov validations are saved in a nice checklist for you!

Titles are limited to 81 characters.

+4 digit zip code is no longer needed.

Can route directly to the PI first and continue editing WHILE they sign off.

Filing with the SP# to have seamless communication with OSR.

Less manual entry.

Less double entry.