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Helpful Tips for Job Interviews!. By Edward Banfield. How to Dress!.

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How to dress
How to Dress!

As you go for your interview, you should dress neat, clean, and smart. Depending on the job, different outfits are suitable but you must show your seriousness and eager through your clothing. Your hair or other body features should also be suitable for the interview, preferably have your hair combed or styled neatly. Make sure you are clean and smelling good. It is very important to keep your breath smelling nice. Giving yourself a professional look although you could be new to the career is very important.

Being polite
Being Polite!

It is key to be outstandingly polite. Say hello and offer a handshake, then ask “May I have seat”. Small things like these examples can have a large impact. Asking how their day went shows gratitude and interest in the employer, it also starts a friendly relationship between the two of you. Being polite cannot only be shown verbally, smile as much as possible with out over doing it, also laugh at any jokes the employer may introduce even if they aren’t funny. As you leave mention you had a good time or thank you for the opportunity. Being polite and starting a friendship is key to having a good interview.

Staying confident
Staying Confident!

Lacking confidence does not appeal to employers. As you enter the interview room, smile and be polite with a strong positive voice. When you sit, sit with a proper posture, have your back straight, do not cross your arms. Hold strong eye contact, this shows your not shy and makes you look more determined and serious about the interview. Even if your not confident you can still look confident, by not nervously fiddling with your clothes, hair or any other body feature, try to withstand fidgeting, and speak clearly.