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North Central Athletics Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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North Central Athletics Meeting

North Central Athletics Meeting

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North Central Athletics Meeting

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  1. North Central Athletics Meeting 2014 – 15 Season Welcome parents and students, please grab the handouts as you walk in

  2. Information • If you have not already, please grab the following sheets of paper as you come in: • Physical form • Athletics Information sheet • Intent to Compete form

  3. Introductions • Here are the coaches for the 2014-15 Season. • HS Girls Volleyball: Coach Sherman and Peck • HS Boys Volleyball: Coach Brandenburg • MS Girls Volleyball: Coach Muir and McDonald • HS XC: Coach Walter and Wales • MS XC: Coach Wales and Pilcher • HS Girls Bball: Coach Mallory • HS Boys Bball: Coach Garrett and Rachlin • MS Girls Bball: Coach Pilcher • MS Boys Bball: Coach Parrish • HS Girls Soccer: Coach Zavarelli • HS Boys Soccer: Coach Murphy • MS Girls and Boys Soccer: Coach Murphy (as of now) • MS and HS Track: Coach Murphy and Mallory • Flag Football: Coach Woodruff and Mallory • Softball: Coach Kaplun

  4. Mission of NC Athletics North Central is committed to excellence in athletics as part of a larger commitment to excellence and education

  5. What does athletics mean at NC? Commitment: attend practices, maintain grades, and Class: we win and lose with it, we show it in the classroom Character: we are doing what is right, not because we have to but because we choose to.

  6. What did Athletics look like in 2013-14? • Academics • Lowest failing percentage among all YES schools 5 out of 5 Six-week grading periods (13% of athletes failed one course) • Averaged a lower failing rate than the non-student athlete (13% student-athlete vs. 19% of non-student athlete) • Student-athletes in season averaged – 13% failing rate • Student-athletes NOT in season averaged – 27% failing rate • Overall, improvement but still needs to continue to decrease and we plan on helping this problem with mandatory study halls once a week for in season AND off season players

  7. What did Athletics look like in 2013-14? • Athletics • MS District Champions for Boys XC team • MS District Runner Up for Girls XC team • Boys HS Volleyball Champions • Girls HS Volleyball 3 more wins than last season • HS Girls Basketball 4 more wins than last season • HS Boys Basketball 8 more wins than last season • MS Boys Basketball 2 more wins and only 1 player finished the year ineligible (5 last year) • HS Girls and Boys Soccer – District Semi-finalists • MS Girls and Boys Soccer – • HS Flag Football 2nd Place in District • HS Track 12 individual runners won a medal at district

  8. Why start now with athletics? • Summer is a time to be used and not wasted • Murphy will be on campus almost every day this summer. This means your student can train ALL summer long if they wish. • To be VERY clear on expectations of a NC Student-Athlete • These expectations are stricter than those of a student. • We are moving forward. • What happened in the past happened in the past, we are focused on correcting for the better. • This means we can only work with those who show up.

  9. Payment • Part of the commitment to the team and the program is to pay $30/team you play on. • This is to help cover the expensive costs of transportation. • This is non-negotiable. League costs around the area range from $80 – 150 and that is without transportation. • The other part of commitment is they will be REQUIRED to sell 2 boxes of chocolates • This does NOT mean you buy the chocolates for your student, but they are responsible for selling these items on their own.

  10. Expectations • Coaches: • Treat your kids with the respect we would treat our own • Have reasonable and attainable expectations for your kids on and off the court • Hold each kid to the same expectation as the next student-athlete • Promptly communicate any changes in practices, games, or any team event. • Maintain a high standard of self respect. • Ensure each child has proper documentation to participate in athletics.

  11. Expectations • Students: • Treat your teachers, coaches, and family with respect • Hold yourself accountable on the playing field and classroom • Hold each of your teammates accountable for their actions • Maintain a high standard of self respect. • Maintain a minimum of 70 in each class. • Communicate any days you will not be able to attend practice, games, or team events. • Never ask to go in a game, during a game. Focus on your team. • Approach the coach after the game if you have any questions of your playing time

  12. Expectations • Parents: • Treat the coaches with respect, knowing they are wanting the best from your child • Have reasonable and attainable expectations for your kids on and off the court • Promptly pick up children from games, practices, or team events. • In the event you are unable to pick up your child please plan ahead with transportation from another teammate • Maintain a high standard of self respect while supporting your child • Let the coach, coach: • Do not ask: “Why isn’t my son/daughter playing?” • Please ask: “What can my son/daughter do to improve?”

  13. Characteristics Built from Athletics Tenacity  learning to overcome obstacles once thought to not be possible. Teamwork/Interdependence  a group of people working towards a common goal. Self-awareness  Am I really doing what I think I am doing? Time Management  balancing a work-fun balance in your life. Proactivity  if you are wanting something you must be willing to go and seek it out.

  14. What’s Going on this summer? ACE program hosting MS and HS clubs – see Coach Murphy for details Coach Murphy is running a Three-week “Boot Camp” focused on conditioning, strength, and their summer reading - $50 for three weeks – forms at front. Coach Murphy will be on campus every Monday – Thursday, Friday’s will be his “staycation”

  15. What’s going on this summer (cont.) • Individual coaches will have “open gym” • Coaches will be in contact with players if and when they will have activities during the summer

  16. Athletic Gear Now! • Interested in ordering practice uniforms, extra t-shirts, shorts, sweater with the athletics logo. • On the table we have athletic shorts, shirts, and sweaters that can be designed with your last name, number, and or specific sport your child plays. • These can be ordered for you or you athlete or your athletes sibling! • T-shirts  $10 -15 • Shorts  $10 • Sweatshirts  $30-35 • Water Bottle  $5 • Athletic Bag  $10

  17. Athletics Banquet • May 29th • 6:30 – 7:30 HS • If you are interested in helping set up with other parents please stay after the meeting for a brief conversation

  18. Get involved? • If you are interested in helping with any of the following please stay for a brief conversation after the meeting: • Athletic team events • End of year celebrations • Team dinners/snacks before games

  19. Another way to describe OUR Mission To engage the mind, to elevate the spirit, and stimulate the best effort of all who are associated with the program.