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Kelly C. Ruggles - Financial Advisor PowerPoint Presentation
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Kelly C. Ruggles - Financial Advisor

Kelly C. Ruggles - Financial Advisor

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Kelly C. Ruggles - Financial Advisor

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  1. Kelly C. Ruggles: Expert Retirement Financial Planning Services

  2. Kelly C. Ruggles is an educator and fee based financial planner located in Spokane, Washington. Kelly Ruggles has worked in the financial market for more than 14 years and he has great expertise in creating financial plans and strategies for retirees and preretirees who want to make safer investments in their retirement years. Kelly C. Ruggles' client base covers people from all walks of life, from businessmen, industrialists, families and common people who are looking for a more sound investment strategy for retirement.

  3. According to Kelly Ruggles, customized retirement plans are perfect for retirees as these plans focus on the particular needs and requirements of the clients. While the standard retirement financial plans might get affected by the fluctuation in the financial market, the customized retirement financial plans do not pose as much risk. Also, the customized financial plans take into account the budget of the retirees so that all efforts are made to reach their financial goals.

  4. Kelly C. Ruggles makes all efforts to understand the client's motivations for a retirement plan and what the client expects from a financial retirement plan. Kelly C. Ruggles is also a published author and he has written a book in financial retirement planning, ‘Financial Concerns For Retirement'. In his book, Kelly Ruggles simplifies the complex retirement financial planning strategies so that the retirees have a better understanding of how achievable and realistic their expectations are from a financial plan. Kelly C. Ruggles has also written several articles on the subject of retirement financial planning and investment strategies for retirees.

  5. Kelly Ruggles also conducts regular workshops and seminars in Spokane, Washington and at his seminars he talks about retirement planning, investment strategies, mutual funds, Wall Street, paying taxes and more. Find out more about Kelly C. Ruggles by browsing through