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Kelly C. Ruggles

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Financial planning is essential for elders because, in addition to allowing them to maintain independence, the comfort and security they’ll experience through wise investments is unparalleled. Without proper financial planning, unexpected medical expenses for the elderly can be burdensome, or even worse.


Other expenses, such as house mortgages and loan repayments, also can create financial stress without a planned source, or sources of income identified to meet those costs. These reasons and more make it advantageous for retirees as well as preretirees not only to draft retirement financial plans, but get them prepared with the help of financial experts.


Each person's requirements for a financial plan are different, meaning personalized retirement plans are essential.And who better to work with you to create such a personalized plan than an experienced financial planner who knows the intricacies of the financial market?


Kelly Ruggles is a fee-based financial planner with more than two decades of experience in that field. Kelly Ruggles has provided financial advice to more than 1,000 clients, helping them plan their long-term retirement goals successfully.


Kelly Ruggles believes that personalized financial plans are the key to success in financial planning, as each individual has his or her own monetary considerations and varied expectations from a financial plan. A balanced financial plan, says Kelly Ruggles, can help a person manage their money more efficiently. Steps can be taken to pay less taxes and set money aside to invest in share markets or mutual funds.


Kelly Ruggles also is the founder and president of American Reliance Group Inc., which offers customized retirement and estate planning services. The unique five-fold customer approach taken by American Reliance Group ensures that every client receives the best from their personalized retirement financial plan.


Kelly Ruggles also gives speeches and seminars on the subject of retirement planning, and these seminars shed light on topics such as tax savings after retirement, investment options for retirees, and how to get the maximum out of your retirement plan.


Find out more about the basics of financial planning and receive retirement financial planning advice from Kelly Ruggles by browsing through