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Vocabulary- Unit 1

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Vocabulary- Unit 1. Lesson C. cache. hiding place to store something The robber led detectives to a cache of stolen gems in the basement. commend. praise; mention favorably Our class was commended for outstanding behavior when we had a substitute. . cur. worthless dog

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Vocabulary- Unit 1

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    1. Vocabulary- Unit 1 Lesson C

    2. cache • hiding place to store something The robber led detectives to a cache of stolen gems in the basement.

    3. commend • praise; mention favorably Our class was commended for outstanding behavior when we had a substitute.

    4. cur • worthless dog Lassie is a kind and intelligent animal. Please don’t refer to her as a “cur.”

    5. despotic • of a despot (a monarch having absolute power); domineering; dictatorial; tyrannical The American colonists revolted against the despotic rule of King George III.

    6. dispute • argue about; debate; declare not true; call into question; oppose Charley disputed my solution until I showed him definite proof that I was right.

    7. edifice • building, especially a large or impressive building The huge edifice under construction near the airport will be a hotel.

    8. era • historical period; period of time The atomic era began with the dropping of the first atomic bomb in 1945. The 80’s Era

    9. initiate • v • (1) begin; introduce; originate The Pilgrims initiated the custom of celebrating Thanksgiving Day. • (2) admit or induct into a club by special ceremonies Next Friday our club is going to initiate three new members.

    10. Jolly Roger • pirates’ flag; black flag with white skull and crossbones The Jolly Roger flying from the mast of the approaching ship indicated that it was a pirate ship.

    11. multitude • crowd; throng; horde; swarm There was such a multitude outside the store waiting for the sale to begin that we decided to return later.

    12. perceive • become aware of through the senses; see; note; observe When the lights went out, I couldn’t see a thing, but gradually I was able to perceive the outlines of the larger pieces of furniture.

    13. portal • Door; entrance, especially a grand or impressive one The original doors at the main entrance have been replaced by bronze portals.

    14. reserved • adj. restrained in speech or action; uncommunicative Mark was reserved at first but became much more communicative when he got to know us better.

    15. restrain • hold back; check; curb; repress Mildred could not restrain her impulse to open the package immediately, even though it read, “Do not open before Christmas!”

    16. retract • draw back; withdraw; take back You can depend on Frank. Once he has given his promise, he will not retract it. Pope urged to retract Islam remarks

    17. spine • chain of small bones down the middle of the back; backbone The ribs are curved bones extending from the spine and enclosing the upper part of the body.

    18. stroll • idle and leisurely walk It was a warm spring afternoon, and many people were out for a stroll.

    19. timorous • full of fear; afraid; timid I admit I was timorous when I began my speech, but as I went along, I felt less and less afraid.

    20. tuition • payment for instruction When I go to college, I will probably work each summer to help pay the tuition.

    21. version • v • (1) account or description from a particular point of view Now that we have Vera’s description of the accident, let us listen to your version. • (2) translation THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO was written in French, but you can read it in the English version.

    22. Exercise 1: Which of the two terms makes the sentence correct? Enter the letter of the correct word on your paper. • Isn’t it a pity that this beautiful edifice is going to be ____________? (A) raised (B) razed • Sandra should have been _________ for being punctual. (A) commended (B) reprimanded 3. When it comes into power, a despotic government usually ___________ freedom of speech and press. (A) bans (B) permits • If you _______, there is nothing to dispute. (A) dissent (B) concur • Haven’t you sometimes wished that you could retract something you __________ you had said? (A) regretted (B) wished

    23. Exercise 2: On your paper, write the correct letter from column 2 that matches column 1. Column 1 Column 2 • induct (into a club or society) by special ceremonies • impressive building • historical period • hiding place • impressive door • account from a particular viewpoint • without a backbone • baker’s dozen • worthless dog • black flag with white skull and crossbones • cur • cache • spineless • portal • thirteen • initiate • Jolly Roger • era • version • edifice

    24. Exercise 3: Each word or expression in column 1 has an ANTONYM (or opposite) in column 2. On your paper, enter the letter of the correct ANTONYM. Column 1 • ended • not afraid • censured • ran • failed to see • democratic • reserved • small group • did not withdraw • not argued about Column 2 • strolled • perceived • multitude • disputed • initiated • retracted • commended • timorous • communicative • despotic