digita l video audio broadcasting test and measurement solutions www maxeyetech com n.
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Digita l Video & Audio Broadcasting Test and Measurement Solutions www.maxeyetech.com PowerPoint Presentation
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Digita l Video & Audio Broadcasting Test and Measurement Solutions www.maxeyetech.com

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Digita l Video & Audio Broadcasting Test and Measurement Solutions www.maxeyetech.com - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digita l Video & Audio Broadcasting Test and Measurement Solutions www.maxeyetech.com. Company Overview.

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digita l video audio broadcasting test and measurement solutions www maxeyetech com
Digital Video & Audio Broadcasting

Test and Measurement



company overview
Company Overview
  • MaxEye Technologies established in August 2011 in Bangalore with a vision to become leader in providing services, products and solutions in the signal processing, control systems and communication engineering.
  • Specializes in providing turnkey solutions in signal processing, communication and control systems.
  • Core team has experience in developing multiple products ranging from Receiver design for telecommunication industry to Test instruments for wireless test and measurement applications.
  • The main focus of the company is to add value to our customers business by providing end-to-end solutions in the field of signal processing, communication and control systems engineering
maxeye digital video test and measurement solutions
MaxEye Digital Video Test and Measurement Solutions
  • MaxEye Technologies provides generation and analysis functions in LabVIEW for various digital video and audio broadcasting standards used across different regions.
  • The toolkit software can be easily integrated with any 3rd party hardware.
  • Enables testing of multiple digital video and audio standards using one PXI RF hardware. Ideal solution for multimode Digital Video SDRs.
  • Generation of multiple DVB carriers using single PXI RF hardware. Reduces the test system complexity and simplifies the ATE development.
  • Currently our toolkits are used by customers across the world to test the Digital Video and Audio broadcasting devices. More details on the customer use cases are available upon request.
  • Ideal solution for testing the DTV transmitters and receivers in the lab, production test, field test etc.,
list of supported digital video and audio standards
List of Supported Digital Video and Audio Standards
  • The following are the digital video broadcasting toolkits currently being supported by MaxEye Technologies.
    • DVB-T /H
    • DVB-T2
    • ISDB-T/Tb
    • CMMB
    • DTMB
    • ATSC and ATSC-M/H
    • DAB/DAB Plus/T-DMB
    • DRM/DRM Plus
    • DVB-S (under development)
    • DVB-S2 (under development)
  • MaxEye Digital Video Solutions can be used for testing the DTV transmitters and receivers during
    • Manufacturing or production test
    • Design and validation test in the Labs
    • To measure and log signal quality measurements in the field test
    • Video and Audio Signal quality measurements
  • Our solution enables test of
    • Standalone DTV receivers
    • DTV tuners as part of CAR entertainment System
    • DTV tuners in the cellular phones and other handheld devices
    • DTV USB dongles
    • DTV tuners in the Television
product overview
Product Overview
  • MaxEye Digital Video Signal generation software is an ideal test tool for generating the test signals with different configurations to completely test the receiver during design, verification and manufacturing floor to characterize the receiver performance.
  • MaxEye Digital Video analysis toolkit is an ideal tool for analyzing the signal quality of the transmitted signal.
  • Toolkit provides various measurement traces to enable the engineers to analyze, troubleshoot and validate the transmitter signal issues.
  • The toolkit measurements can be used to calibrate the Digital Video Transmitter components.
  • The MaxEye Digital Video analysis toolkit provides standard based modulation accuracy, power measurements and spectral measurements to enable engineers for evaluating, designing, manufacturing transmitters, amplifiers, tuners, repeaters, modulators and gap-fillers.
product features generation
Product Features - Generation
  • Real time streaming of the generated waveform using NI RFSG streaming mode. This enables testing of the receiver continuously for hours. (Typical DTG testing requires 5 minutes of video to be played in real-time)
  • Multi-carrier signal generation – Generation of multiple DVB carriers using single RF PXI Instrument. This reduces the complexity of the test setup and test automation simpler.
  • MaxEye test and measurement solution enables user to do the following tests
    • Receiver Design, Verification and Manufacturing Tests
    • Receiver Functionality Tests
    • RF Components and Transmitter Testing
  • Supports MPEG TS file as an input to the toolkit for testing the video and audio quality of the receiver. The TS file bitrate is adjusted according to the signal configuration.
product features analysis
Product Features - Analysis
  • Supported Measurements
    • Modulation Accuracy Measurements
      • Data MER, Pilot MER
      • Data EVM, Pilot EVM
      • Peak EVM, Peak EVM Symbol Position, Peak EVM Subcarrier Position
      • Frequency Offset
      • Clock Offset
      • IQ Gain Imbalance, Quadrature Skew
      • Carrier Suppression
      • Constellation Trace
      • EVM vs Symbols, EVM vs Subcarriers Trace
      • Channel Frequency Response (Spectral Flatness)
      • Average and Peak Power
    • Spectral Measurements
      • Channel Power
      • Adjacent Channel Powers
      • Spectral Emission Mask
testimonials 1 2
Testimonials (1/2)
  • "We have worked with MaxEye Technologies for RF test and measurement solution in one of our business opportunities. MaxEye delivered the complete turnkey test solution, integrated with NI RF hardware, within the specified delivery time. We were happy with their professional approach to the development and testing of the system. We recommend their skills in the RF, Signal Processing and Communication domain and appreciate their commitment towards the deliverables and support after the delivery"... Jayaram Pillai, Managing Director - IndRA (India, Russia and Arabia) at National Instruments, Bangalore (India)                                                                    *****
  • "MaxEye delivers on its commitments and provides great after sales support. In retrospect, I am very pleased with our decision to work with them"... SujeethPai, Country Sales Manager, National Instruments, Bangalore (India)
testimonials 2 2
Testimonials (2/2)
  • Simple and easy to use GUI.
  • Easy to configure and generate DVB-T signal.
  • Easy to convert from .ts to .bin file, through which the memory related issues are reduced. 
  • Good error handling by which the error are identified very easily and fast.
  • Last but not least good support from the MaxEye Technologies has enabled us in completing the project on time. 
    • Leading IT Services, consulting and Business Solutions Partner in India (More details can be shared on request)
  • MaxEye will continue to focus on Digital Video test and measurement solutions by adding new products and improving the existing products.
  • Focus on customer support: 24x7 Support to our customers to successfully integrate our toolkits with their ATE.
  • Easy to use API VIs for quick integration with customer development environment.

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