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NORTH CAROLINA STATE OUTREACH. David MacKinnon Project Manager. Governor Easley’s Mandate . “We are committed to making North Carolina the friendliest military state in the nation…”. OEA North Carolina Activities. Advisory Commission on Military Affairs (Governor)

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  1. NORTH CAROLINA STATE OUTREACH David MacKinnon Project Manager

  2. Governor Easley’s Mandate “We are committed to making North Carolina the friendliest military state in the nation…”

  3. OEA North Carolina Activities • Advisory Commission on Military Affairs (Governor) • Attend meetings, provide information, & monitor activities • Encourage resolution of incompatible development issues • Governor’s Office • Urge coordinated state agency support to JLUS implementation measures • Raise issues from community JLUS projects • JLUS Communities • Participate in joint meetings • Urge consensus on implementation issues & resolution measures • League of Municipalities/Assoc. Co. Comm. • Encourage support of statewide compatible development initiatives • Joint Select Committee on Military Affairs (Legislature) • Present DoD concerns about encroachment • Encourage legislation to address incompatible land use issues

  4. North Carolina Advisory Commission on Military Affairs • Advisory to the Governor • Organized July 2002 • 21 voting members from military base communities • 9 ex-officio appointments from State agencies & military bases • 4 committees (strategic & economic plans, academic policies, state/local relations, quality of life issues) • COL Doug Phelps (NC National Guard) staff director • Areas for Exploration • Economic impacts of military activity • Defense procurement opportunities • Enhanced military base relationships • Improved quality of life of military personnel

  5. Legislative ProposalsRecommended by Advisory Commission March 2003 • Delineate “buffer zones” – areas subject to high noise & aircraft accident potential • Real estate disclosure – property in buffer zones & low level flight routes • Land use plans in proximity to bases • Sound attenuation – high noise areas • Limit infrastructure improvements – buffer zones • Acquire critical property –buffer zones & beyond when appropriate • NO ACTION TAKEN BY GOVERNOR

  6. Joint Select Committee LegislativeMandate November 2003 • How to create & maintain an environment that is conducive to the location of military personnel & installations in the State • How to control residential & urban development encroachment on military base & training areas including • restrictive zoning in areas around military bases & training areas • how encroachment affects deed registration • protecting the areas around military bases & training areas by purchasing development rights & buffers using all available State trust funds & other available funding mechanisms

  7. Local Government Military Base Advisory Committee • County & Local Government Members • NC Association of County Commissioners • NC League of Municipalities • Held Meetings Summer-Fall 2003 • OEA brief on DoD encroachment concerns--August 2003 • Endorsed Several Helpful Measures • sound attenuation in structures affected by base operations • local deed disclosure & transfer of development rights authority • other land use compatibility measures

  8. Bills Submitted to LegislatureAction Expected by July 2004 • Mandatory Planning Referrals to Bases  • all jurisdictions • any land use or zoning changes • properties within 5 miles of the base perimeter • Military Base Land Preservation Fund  • property development rights or title • needed to protect base from incompatible development • $5 million capitalization; $65 million bond authority • willing owners • Four Quality of Life Proposals • partial gas tax return to bases for QOL improvements • State educational benefits to Reservists, spouses, dependents • job preferences to military spouses

  9. State Agency Actions • Clean Water Management Trust Fund • joint acquisition (with TNC) of 2,500 acres adjacent to Camp Lejeune • refused local project funding near Ft. Bragg because local governments refused to endorse the JLUS • working with conservation partners to secure APZ land northeast of Seymour-Johnson AFB in Goldsboro/Wayne County • Department of Transportation • large parcel acquisition to enhance RCW habitat near Ft. Bragg using wetlands mitigation funds

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