north carolina state fair n.
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North Carolina State Fair PowerPoint Presentation
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North Carolina State Fair

North Carolina State Fair

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North Carolina State Fair

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  1. North CarolinaState Fair Bethany Elementary School 3rd Grade October 21, 2011

  2. Go Back in Time Students had a chance to experience craftsmanship at its finest. Inside the Village of Yesteryear, we observed different craft workers creating and selling their crafts. Some were dressed in clothes from long ago.

  3. Wood Carver This wood carver works on a picture of a bear. Can you imagine carving something out of a piece of flat wood?

  4. Wood Art This woodcutter is carving a duck from a solid piece of wood! You can see some of his other creations in the background!

  5. Wood Whittler…

  6. Brooms Would you like to take straw and bind it together to create a broom? This man does it for a living.

  7. Basket Maker This lady is busy weaving a basket! Did you know a basket starts this way?

  8. More Baskets… How long do you think it took this lady to make the baskets on the wall?

  9. Chairs This man is weaving a seat for the chairs.

  10. Glass This man is working behind this glass screen firing glass! When glass is heated, you can shape it in many different ways.

  11. Metal Man Yes, that is metal all over this man! He uses flat sheets of metal to create ornaments, pins, cookie cutters, and many more!

  12. Beware of Trolls This exhibit was kind of weird! These trolls all had different names!

  13. Painting It was very interesting to watch this artist paint a picture from a photograph!

  14. Pottery In our study of soils, we learn that one of the many uses of clay is to make pottery. Here, a potter uses a potter’s wheel to create a bowl like the displays in the background!

  15. Other Exhibits…

  16. Cake Contest… There were so many cakes entered in the cake contest, including this haunted house!

  17. Blue Ribbon Winners…

  18. Jackson with the largest pumpkin…522.8 pounds!

  19. Giant Shopping Cart This giant shopping cart is really a car! If you look closely below, you can see the engine!

  20. This tobacco is a familiar fall sight in Rockingham County!

  21. This Screech Owl is about two years old! The species lives in the Piedmont and Mountain regions of NC.

  22. State Fair Scavenger Hunt Students enjoyed a scavenger hunt as part of the social studies/science field trip to the fair!

  23. How many potted garden Chrysanthemums were produced by NC farmers in 2009? Answer: 8 Million!!!

  24. Answer: Clay Soil! What natural resource found in the Piedmont is the basis of the pottery industry?

  25. What NC county ranks first in apple production? Answer: Henderson County!!

  26. What percentage of US Christmas trees does NC produce? Answer: 26%!!

  27. Cotton comes from what part of the cotton plant? Answer: Boll!!

  28. State Fair Fun!

  29. The yummy food…

  30. Giant Turkey Legs and Gummy Worms!

  31. A little taste of Louisiana… Ms. Fitzgerald felt right at home!

  32. The fun rides…

  33. The Sights & Sounds…

  34. …Helicopters Tractors…

  35. Sparky… Ms. Bed Bugs… Elsie the Cow…

  36. Whoa…

  37. Learning Fun!

  38. The Games & Prizes…

  39. Lots of Fun…

  40. Friendships…

  41. Our Parents…

  42. Our Families…