the zombie invasion n.
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The Zombie Invasion PowerPoint Presentation
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The Zombie Invasion

The Zombie Invasion

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The Zombie Invasion

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  1. The Zombie Invasion … into our hearts By Brandi Blanco

  2. Zombies come from the Vodoo religion, and although they zombies are harmless by our standards, they inspired the 1968 classic, “Night of the Living Dead.” • Night of the Living Dead Trailer What are zombies?

  3. Since Romero’s classic film, they’ve become a regular theme in games, movies, TV, and more!

  4. The zombie invasion inside of your living room

  5. They’re in our Libraries! • Max Brookes has become a best seller with books like “World War Z,” and “The Zombie Survival Guide” • Their in our comic books! • Marvel recently released the Marvel Zombie Series Other Forms of Zombie Media

  6. Zombie fans have even brought the undead into the real world. Events like the “Run for your Lives” marathon and the “Zombie Safe House Competition” celebrate the idea of an upcoming zombie apocalypse. • The “Run for your Lives” marathon hosts a 5k marathon with upcoming events in Missouri, Tennessee and South Florida. Check it out, Run for your Lives • The “Zombie Safe House Competition” awards contestants for the most intuitive and successful safe house prototype. Check out these designs, Safe House Competition Zombies in the Real World

  7. Zombies are so embedded in our culture that it prompted KWK Promes to invent the first, “Zombie Proof” House • This concrete structure comes complete with movable walls to block out undead attacks Zombie Architecture?

  8. Its safe to say that the zombie invasion isn’t over yet! With blockbuster’s like Max Brooke’s World War Z to hit in September, and AMC’s the Walking Dead expected to break viewer records., its safe to say that our hungry for zombies is just as strong as their hunger for us!