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Final Scenario

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Final Scenario

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Final Scenario

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  1. Final Scenario The Brazil Question

  2. Its 2065… • The rebuilding process is well underway….

  3. A rapid large –scale attack on Gabon should weaken the basic defense systems they have in place. Once we soften their defenses a ground force of 50,000 men will be deployed. Once we have attained a single specimen of Rossertine A-39, the goal of every soldier will be to get that specimen back to American soil.

  4. The United States now has… Rossertine-A39 : a semi-organic, seemingly intelligent substance that can be used to power anything…

  5. But a threat exists.. In Brazil…

  6. The Rogue… • A man known only as Cafu infiltrated our strike force in Gabon back in 2060… • He managed to pilfer a miniscule quantity of Rossertine- A39 and brought it to Sao Paulo • The nation of Brazil is beginning to experience some of the phenomenal growth that can be achieved with Rossertine A-39

  7. Transnational monorail : connecting Fortaleza to Porto Allegre..thousands of kilometers in under and hour!!!

  8. Brazil had taken the no-share policy the US and Africa had adopted until recently… Yet in the past two weeks they seemed to have changed course. Brazilian troops have amassed on the borders of Uruguay and Paraguay with….

  9. WeaponizedRossertineA-39

  10. Our attempts to weaponizeRossertine A-39 have been well-publicized failures….however the Brazilians have succeeded where we have failed…

  11. Only 7 of these weapons exist. They are very difficult to produce, but...

  12. Can disable tanks with a single shot.

  13. Brazil intends to occupy the sovereign states of Paraguay and Uruguay in the name of progress! They claim that by becoming part of Brazil, the face a brighter future. Brazil intends to employ Paraguayans and Uruguayans as laborers in their effort to create a new Brazil!!! They are using military might to achieve this goal Furthermore, they are using a weapon of mass destruction to support their aggressive campaign.