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HU121 History of Engineering and Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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HU121 History of Engineering and Technology

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HU121 History of Engineering and Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HU121 History of Engineering and Technology

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  1. HU121 History of Engineering and Technology Pharos University in Alexandria Faculty of Engineering Engineering Perspectives Laboratory Fall 2012/13 Design Projects

  2. Steps of Engineering Design • Identify the need • Define the criteria (from the instructor) • Explore/ Research/ Investigate • Generate alternative solutions • Choose a solution (based on pros and cons) • Create a detailed design • Modeling/ Development/ Production • Testing and Evaluation • Redesign and Improvement. Reporting and Grading Weekly Freshman Design Progects

  3. Freshman Design Projects 1. Rooftop Windmill Turbine Eng. Shaimaa 2. Solar Mobile Phone Battery Charger Eng. M. A. Razzaq 3. Crack Propagation Sensor Eng. M. A. Razzaq 4. Ping ball Projectile Launcher Eng. Amr 5. Balloon-driven Vehicle Eng. Manar 6. Measurement of Pressure-induced Stresses Eng. M. Hassan Freshman Design Progects

  4. Faculty* • Prof. Dr. Alaa Hamdi E222 • Prof. Dr. Abdelsamie Moet E230 * All Faculty and Teaching Staff are consulting resources Freshman Design Progects

  5. 1. Rooftop Wind Turbine • Like all renewable energy technologies, wind systems rely on two main parts: a collector to harness the energy and a generator with electronics to convert the collected wind energy into power we can use. • In wind systems, the collector is the rotor, which is made up of a number of blades that rotate to power a generator that produces electricity. • The student team is required to review ideas of wind turbine, design, build and test their own prototype. They are also required to propose suggestions for improving the performance of their prototype and for simplifying the manufacturing and assembly. Freshman Design Progects

  6. 2. Solar Mobile Phone Battery Charger • Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels generate electricity by the Photovoltaic Effect. Discovered in 1839 by 19 year old Edmund Becquerel. • The photovoltaic effect is the phenomenon that certain materials produce electric current when they are exposed to light. • Using commercially available PV panels, this project aims at designing, building and testing of a solar mobile phone battery charger. • The student team will compare the performance of their charger to commercial devices and comment on the variance. Freshman Design Progects

  7. 3. Crack Propagation Sensor • The process of implementing a damage identification strategy for aerospace,civil and mechanical engineering infrastructure is referred to as structural health monitoring (SHM). • Appropriate sensors on critical structural components could help to reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary inspections and will increase the safety of the monitored structures. • In this project, the team shall conceive, design, build and test a sensor to detect a propagating crack from a stress concentration site. • The sensor should be equipped with an alarm mechanism upon a specified crack extension is detected by the sensor. Freshman Design Progects

  8. 4. Ping-Pong Ball Launcher • This project involves designing, analyzing, constructing, and reporting on a launcher that will propel a Ping-Pong ball, in flight, for any arbitrary distance between one and 5 meters. • The Ping-Pong ball must impact the target point with the highest degree of accuracy. • Students may consider spring-loaded launchers, compressed gas launchers, catapults, pendulums, and other similar mechanisms as the foundation for their design concept. Freshman Design Progects

  9. 5. Balloon-Powered Vehicle • The goal is to apply what is known about mechanical interactions by building a rocket car that minimizes friction and drag. • Materials are available in the lab and in the workshop and outsourced are used to build the balloon powered car.. • During performance testing one car will race at a time. One team member prepares the car at the starting line. • Cars take off at "Go!" Timers start. • Time will be taken twice at preset distances and at car stop (total run time). Freshman Design Progects

  10. 6. Measurement of Pressure-induced Stresses • This projects is intended to guide freshman engineering students to discover the relationship between the internal pressure to stresses acting on the containing wall. • An empty 64 oz soft drink bottle is used to model a cylindrical vessel. Students are required to devise mechanisms to introduce and measure a gas (air) pressure measure the stresses on the wall • Measurements are plotted and compared to relevant theoretical values. • This is to be carried out on the upswing (pressurizing) and downswing (depressurizing) of the device. Freshman Design Progects