Population growth
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Population Growth. Lakehead Thunder Bay. Population Ethics . Inter-generational ethics: current growth will stop one day, simply because the planet cannot sustain an infinite number of people . Humane way, fewer births Natural way, m ore deaths

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Population growth

Population Growth


Thunder Bay

Population ethics
Population Ethics

  • Inter-generational ethics: current growth will stop one day, simply because the planet cannot sustain an infinite number of people.

    • Humane way, fewer births

    • Natural way, more deaths

  • International ethics: The affects of one individual affect that of everyone around the world. Poor people are the first to suffer

  • Reproductive ethics: If two people with two living children have a third child, they will ratchet up the population of the planet and create more damage on the planet.

Population ethics1
Population Ethics

  • Humanitarian ethics: 220 million women world-wide lack access to family planning, and 40% of pregnancies are unintended. With family planning and better education unplanned pregnancies can be avoided

  • Inter-species ethics: Other species have the same right to the planet, however loss of habitat is making it difficult to reproduce

  • Political ethics: Governments should state the goals to reduce and stablize the population, promote family planning and ensure reduced environmental impacked.

Developing countries
Developing Countries

  • By 2050 the population is expected to grow by 34%, where 90% of that growth will come from developing countries

  • Developing countries have the highest population growth

    • Large families make for large working force

    • Lack of education

    • Lack of proper birth control

  • African countries see the highest growth rates

Population control
Population Control

  • China has had a one-child policy since 1979 to alleviate social, economic, and environmental problems

  • There are many social and moral factors that are caused by implementing a one-child policy

  • In Iran conception courses are mandatory for all couples seeking a marriage licence, resulting in smaller families

  • England is Europe's most heavily populated country, however they have no control.


  • Do you think a One-child policy is a good idea?

  • Is there a better way to control population growth?

  • Do you think the population is going to be controlled by policy and education or through death, disease and infection?