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RBC Rob Bailey Communications. Strategic Marketers and Media Mavens Powered By A Passion For Results Agency Capabilities & Select Case Studies October 2009. RBC – Who We Are. Talented at building brand preference via strategic, integrated marketing efforts

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RBC Rob Bailey Communications

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rbc rob bailey communications

RBCRob Bailey Communications

Strategic Marketers and Media MavensPowered By A Passion For Results

Agency Capabilities & Select Case Studies

October 2009

rbc who we are
RBC – Who We Are
  • Talented at building brand preference via strategic, integrated marketing efforts
  • Strong players in consumer products, entertainment, retail, sports, hospitality, travel, B to B, animal health, youth marketing, consumer healthcare
  • In step with men, women, seniors, kids, minorities and trend-setters
  • Skilled in national and niche media relations, event planning, issues management, internal communications, Web relations, grassroots outreach and cause-related programs
rbc s hallmark strategic storytelling
RBC’s Hallmark:Strategic Storytelling

It’s less about SPIN and more about a SOLID STORY

  • Your target audience needs news that will forge emotional and rational brand connections, yielding purchase preference
  • Information bombards targets from countless places – OUR NEWS has to mean something to them to stand out

How we do it

  • When there’s no news, we create it
    • Via a variety of means -- events, surveys, links to current headlines and milestones, spin-offs of studies, etc.
  • When a story already exists, we broaden its appeal
    • Add new dimensions, convey stories in unexpected places
  • Our stories shine the light on clients where they want to be -- in front of decision-makers, prospective purchasers
    • Because it’s all about seeding awareness that blossoms into people choosing your brand above the rest
from kids calories clothes and consultants
HIT Entertainment

Act as AOR for stage show tours, bringing 150+ markets the opportunity to meet The Wiggles, Barney, Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder


Spearhead ongoing re-introduction of weight loss brand and promote new innovations

Lion Brand Yarn

Brand non-branded category

Position venerable brand as a hip force behind the upward surge in knitting’s popularity


Maintain and increase awareness for the premier off-price retailer

Faith Popcorn BrainReserve

Lead media relations for foremost trend resource that helps companies meet future consumer needs

From Kids, Calories, Clothes And Consultants…
New York Skyride

Implement over-the-top media effort for big screen NYC tour

Fuze Beverage, Inc.

Promote world’s first entry into new “smart beverage” category - a line of “vitamin-infuzed” teas and juices

Harlem Wizards

Elevate awareness for this world-class brand of "show" basketball

Shikatani Lacroix Brandesign

Generate U.S. business interest in cutting-edge, Canadian design agency

Total Entertainment, Inc.

Drive business leads for event entertainment company that features two-time “Today Show Throws A Wedding” band of the year, Soul Solution

…To Rides, Refreshments, Ringers And Singers

rbc brief cases




relaunch a diet legend
Relaunch A Diet Legend


Strategic Brand/Company Reintroduction

QuickTime™ and a


TV Moment: Zora Can’t

Fit Into Her Dress…





introducing the new nutrisystem
Introducing… The NEW NutriSystem


  • Promote rebirth of ‘70s weight loss company as provider of a REAL diet – one that works for REAL people
  • Create widespread national coverage for new company and diet – NutriSystem Nourish
  • Drive Web site visits, NutriSystem food purchases, sales of Nourish book
  • Generate positive awareness for new products/innovations

Strategic Actions

  • Affiliate with select REALITY TV stars to help promote REAL diet as contemporary and cutting-edge
  • Establish company as authority clearing up carb confusion
  • Position as innovative, diet regimen combining latest science and portion control info, tailored for busy 21st century life
feed media s good carb appetite
Feed Media’sGood-Carb Appetite


  • Now fastest-growing U.S. diet company, surpassing corporate earnings goals quarterly. (PR is a large part of marketing mix)
  • Launch engendered numerous national placements including Woman’s World cover, People cover, Us, First For Women, VH-1 and “The View,” and top-market hits in NYC, LA, Chicago, etc.
evolve into a reality tv diet
Evolve Into A REALITY TV Diet

Beyond The Launch

  • Scent Science Scores
    • Aquaescents introduced
      • Water bottle with scented caps that “flavor” contents – without calories
    • GMA, Daily Buzz, First For Women, New York Daily News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Wireless News Flash, etc.
  • Flying High With “The Swan”
    • NutriSystem nutritionist is ‘04 diet expert on hit show
    • Women shed 200 lbs. on diet
    • Leno, US, Star Magazine, etc.
  • New Year’s Testimonials
    • REAL diet successes
    • People (cover), First For Women (again), All You

Total audience to date:

100 million+

brand a generic category
Brand A Generic Category


  • Help brand a competitive category with little


  • Continually make 126-year-old brand

appear as fashion-forward trend-setter

Strategic Actions

  • Demonstrate Lion Brand’s innovative brand essence, especially among young knitters and media
  • Transform “Knitting Is Hot Again” trend into spin-off stories for Lion Brand
  • Appeal to primarily female audience through meaningful, cause-related activities
    • Promote Crochet For A Cause Kit to benefit Komen
  • Magnify and brand any opportunistic angles
    • Stitch Lion Brand into Martha’s Prison-Break Poncho story via series of angles, turning photo opp. into branded fashion statement
martha martha martha
Martha, Martha, Martha!!!


  • Lion Brand brightly spotlighted amid Martha Stewart coverage
    • Company recreates Martha’s Prison-Break Poncho
      • Stewart commends brand for its pattern and for soft yarn in original
      • Non-stop pitching transforms poncho into icon/revives fashion favorite
        • Coverage fueled for 3+ weeks, reaching 100 million+ consumers via WSJ (Marketplace Front Page), GMA, People, Newsweek, Fox News, Scripps-Howard, L.A.Times, The Washington Post and hundreds of other outlets
        • 500,000+ needlecrafters download pattern, drive significant yarn sales
          • Deemed most popular pattern in Lion Brand Yarn’s 127-year history
no more no name yarn
No More No-Name Yarn


  • Beyond promoting Martha’s poncho, we’ve put the brand on the map among 65 million+ additional consumers via hits covering a plethora of other pitches
    • Crochet For A Cause Kit appeared coast to coast in outlets including Harper’s Bazaar, Health Magazine Online, Philadelphia Inquirer, Baltimore Sun, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    • YM showcased brand in 2-page spread with packaging photo, contest, site link
    • Good Housekeeping featured holiday scarf pattern
    • American Baby promoted Learn To Knit Kit
    • Knight-Ridder, Tribune Media Service, The Chicago Tribune, Seattle Times, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, WB11-TV NYC, KARE-TV, etc. endorse “Man-cho,” (male poncho) and funky home décor fashions as fun gifts
success for the newly dressed
Success For The Newly Dressed


Introduce New Line of Versatile Clothes for Today’s Multi-tasking Men

nyne clothing line debut
NYNE Clothing Line Debut


    • Building the brand by gaining positive articles and segments -- third-party endorsement by the media
    • Can be used internally by organizations to generate interest in their products among key customers & retailers
    • In 99 percent of plans, PR is just one element in an integrated marketing effort to help sales (along with advertising, promotions, etc.) – but it’s almost never a sales generator alone
    • However, when PR can directly create a sales spike (or several), it has achieved a new level of success – surpassing many other efforts
      • TRANSLATION: It Doesn’t Get Better Than This…
nyne lives for one brand
“NYNE” Lives For One Brand

Strategic Actions

  • Trumpet NYNE’s core brand values
  • Translate brand personality into everyday life and newsworthy themes
    • Promoted NYNE Lives and how the line transforms even average guys into A-listers
      • A New You with New Energy
  • Pitch many different “New You” angles for men and the women who like to dress them
    • Spring Renewal -- Multi-Tasking Men With Clothes That Take Them Anywhere
      • Boardroom to Playground to Nightclub
    • Fashion-Forward Father’s Day
      • Male Make-over Fashion Show, Must-Have Gifts, etc.
    • Refreshing Line of Summer Styles (CoolMax angle)
    • Full-Line of Mix/Match Ensembles For Fall
  • Help journalists take our brand and weave it into their fashion and lifestyle stories

New Clothes “Catch Fire”


  • Big national splash with Fox & Friends NYNE Makeover and Knight-Ridder wire service feature
  • Key Father’s Day coverage in target market daily print and key Fashion Web sites, including the coveted DAILY CANDY
  • 30 million+ consumers reached with an incredible CPM of $1.24 !!
for the of shopping
For The Of Shopping


Giving the press and shoppers a reason to start talking about Daffy’s …

making daffy s relevant again
Making Daffy’s Relevant Again


  • Extend media buys with unpaid editorial to fill gaps
    • Challenge -- smaller marketing budgets don’t usually interest media, so need to highlight creative, unique mediums purchased, and the local, historic significance of Daffy’s
  • Give the press and consumers a reason to start talking about Daffy’s again
    • A new “Mannequin” ad campaign offered a timely reason to look at a five-decade success story
  • Create a call to action that drives traffic by reconnecting with target
    • Develop stories/stunts/events that engage media and consumers with the brand and the campaign
playing cupid between brand shoppers
Playing Cupid Between Brand & Shoppers

Strategic Actions

  • Tell the Daffy’s story within the NY/NJ/CT Tri-state area (because this is a regional success story)
    • History
    • Merchandise
  • Bring New Ad Campaign To Life
    • Introduce Mannequins through public appearances utilizing Mannequin Street Team
  • “Safe Sex Is Always In Fashion” Strategic Partnership Initiative
    • Valentine’s Day event with the Women’s Institute at the GMHC
      • Distributed safe sex packs throughout New York City
  • Capitalize on new store opening in Westchester to showcase continued brand growth
  • Also “Travel” outside the Fashion Pages
    • Daffy’s Shopping Experience awareness campaign targeted at Travel media covering tourist destinations in New York City

Daffy’s Feels The Love


  • Regional media homerun -- extensive coverage of new marketing campaign and Westchester store opening netting over 6 MILLION impressions
  • Distributed 25,000 safe sex packs, as well as promotional incentives that spiked same-week, in-store traffic by more than 20% during the “Safe Sex Is Always In Fashion” initiative
  • Landed “fashion consultant” segments with Univision

Entertain Families Coast To CoastThe Wiggles, Day Out With Thomas, Barney’s Colorful World, Bob The Builder LIVE!, Arthur LIVE, Stars on Ice


  • Drive ticket sales/traffic at family stage shows and events
  • Showcase unique appeal of properties to attract new fans, as well as strengthen existing consumer relationships
  • Maximize awareness of brands through stage show tours

Strategic Actions

  • Position Wiggles, Barney, Thomas, Arthur and Bob as true celebrities from a child’s POV -- creating major call to action among feature TV/print, Web media outlets, as well as parents
  • Create anticipation for, ongoing buzz about and great photo/video opportunities around local appearances/chances to meet these stars
  • Maximize coverage opportunities by announcing future visits and layering tailored local angles on top of core story
bring characters to life
Bring Characters To LIFE


  • Most events enjoy a near-capacity turnout and strong community buzz
  • All tours combined have netted 5,000+ media hits reaching more than TWO BILLION PEOPLE
  • Broadcast coverage ranges from national segments, including a Sweeps Primetime appearance on “Deal or No Deal,” to local live remotes and fun packages in nearly every market
  • Major print features regularly appear in national and local outlets including: US Weekly, Parents, Attache (US Airways), The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, etc.
client commentary
Client Commentary

I can't tell you how thrilled we are with the partnership we have formed. Your team has done an incredible job for NutriSystem! You are true PR pros with patience and unstoppable stamina

  • Sheri Keiles, VP, Communications, NutriSystem, Inc.

RBC has become a valuable and trusted partner for HIT. They are a critical component in the success of our tours, generating significant interest and excitement for

our shows in every market

  • Sloan Coleman, VP, Wiggles USA
rbc s value proposition
RBC’s Value Proposition

Just looking at the bottom line…

  • For Hit Entertainment -- CPM = 27 CENTS
  • For NutriSystem -- CPM = 63 CENTS
  • For Lion Brand Yarn -- CPM = $1.69
  • PR industry standards state CPMs from $7-$12 are good, lower CPMs are GREAT

RBC gives clients a service with true value

Top talent + great results + 0 big agency overhead =

Significant ROI you can bank on

That’s Just A Taste Of What RBC Has Done In 8 Short YearsHere’s A Brief Glimpse Of RBC’s Leaders And Other Clients We’ve Handled…
rbc senior leaders
RBC Senior Leaders

Rob Bailey, President

  • Founded RBC in 2002
  • 15+ years in PR/communications
  • Former TV anchor/producer in NY, FLA
  • Known as first-rate problem-solver with NYC big agency experience
    • Edelman, MS&L, Ruder Finn and Dan Klores Communications
  • Spearheaded successful image and brand-building campaigns across many industries for clients including:
  • A few claims to fame: Subaru Turnaround Story, Pepsi Challenge PR, Shell Robotic Gas “Smart Pump” launch, Glacéau vitaminwater and smartwater launch, Champion 1996 Olympics Official Outfitter program
  • B.A. University of FLA’s School of Journalism and Communications
That’s Just A Glimpse Of What

We’ve Done For Others…

Let’s Talk About

What We Can Do For You…

Rob Bailey


201-760-0200, X101