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We are 9F2. PowerPoint Presentation
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We are 9F2.

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We are 9F2. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We are 9F2.

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  1. We are 9F2. We learn at Mihai Eminescu high school which is situated on a hill in Barlad town. It is the biggest school in the area and we are proud to study here! We want to collaborate with you and to find out more about what happened at Auschwitz and to learn something good from the mistakes that other people did not such a long time ago. We hope we will bring the project to the end together.

  2. My name is Ramona Epure. I like dancing. My name is Teodora Munteanu.I can’t wait seeing you. I speak Italian too!

  3. My name is Geanina Pintea. I like spending my free time with my friends My name is Roxana Livoski.I love animals and I want to become a veterinary doc.

  4. My name is Daniela Mislea.I like watching horror films My name is Gina Asavei. I like watching TV and I love cartoons

  5. My name is Ruxanda Ursachi. I like going out with my friends My name is Alexandra Teaca. I like rollerskating

  6. My name is Anca Pasarin.I like watching romantic movies My name is Cristina Dumitrascu.I like travelling and having fun with my friends

  7. My name is Simona Stanga. I like painting My name is Madalina Dima. I like playing computer games.

  8. My name is Roxana Gruia.I like listening to music My name is Roxana Stavar.I like playing basketball

  9. My name is Karina Stangaciu. I like chating on net. My name is Antonia Biclea. I like reading adventure books

  10. My name is Mariana Burciu. I like studying and reading all kind of books. My name is Malina Cazacu. I like rock music.

  11. My name is Victor Ticau. I like watching horror films My name is Alina Rusu. I like ooking for my friends

  12. My name is Ana Maria Berbece. I like singing My name is Alina Cazan.I like reading and writing poems.

  13. My name is Estela Postolache. I like spending my free time with my friends My name is Stefan Munteanu. I like playing computer games

  14. My name is Raluca Teodoru. I like making new friends.