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  1. Navigator • Do Now (3 minutes): • On any paper, please answer the following questions: • What is a misconception? • Do you think it’s important to know what your students’ misconceptions are? Why or why not? • What is something you had a misconception about? When did you realize it was a misconception?

  2. Objective • I can explain the importance of identifying misconceptions and how to address them. Define misconception as a group

  3. Navigator  Star Wars? • So the idea of Navigator is that we need to pull students away from the dark side of their misconceptions • But they have the familial draw of Darth Misconceptions tempting them… • We’re going to watch one of the most famous scenes from Star Wars, and no stress, but there will be a quiz •

  4. Misconceptions in Navigator • Navigator places a large emphasis on identifying misconceptions and using that knowledge to inform your teaching

  5. Excerpt from Reading and Understanding Word Problems – Teacher Manual

  6. Misconceptions in Navigator Does not know how to represent word problems as diagrams or models Does not understand the relationship between the quantities in the problem Does not understand or ignores unit conversion

  7. Navigator Misconceptions • Why do you think Navigator places such a strong emphasis on misconceptions? • Share your thoughts from your do now with a partner

  8. Mini Quiz! • What color is Darth Vader’s suit? • Which of Luke’s hands got cut off? • What is the line that Darth Vader says to Luke that causes him to say, “Nooooo!”?

  9. What happened? • • Do we have misconceptions about misconceptions? • Did you have the same impression as Derek Muller? • Did Derek Muller convince you of anything about misconceptions?

  10. How do we implement this? • Think pair share! (Great instructional strategy) • Write down your thoughts on how to implement our growing understanding of using miscoceptions in your notebook for one minute • Share with your partner how you can implement this • Share strategies with the group

  11. Exit Ticket – Write in your notebook • What would you say make misconceptions a useful teaching tool? • Imagine you have a student that thinks you add fractions by adding the numerators together and adding the denominators together. You are about to teach them how to add fractions. Briefly explain what you think the best approach to teaching them this lesson would be, keeping in mind their misconception. • What is the line that Darth Vader says to Luke in the pivotal scene in Empire Strikes back?

  12. Let’s Try Navigator as students! • Go to • Click on “Fellow Toolbox” on the right sidebar • Select “Navigator Support” • Select “Navigator Modules” • Scroll down to: • Scroll down to “Lessons” and download “Understanding Word Problems Pre Test”

  13. Lesson 2 • Now download “Understanding Word Problems SWB 1_8.pdf” • Complete the skills practice, problem 1, and problem 2