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COMMUNITY NAVIGATOR. Team 38 ( CSE 442/542, Fall 2012, University at Buffalo) Balasubramanian,Pournima Gaikwad,Ratna Ankush Himank Chaudhary Kathalkar,Pratik

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Community navigator

Team 38

(CSE 442/542, Fall 2012, University at Buffalo)





Khaing,Chaw Kay


Smith,Carl Loren

Problem statement


Problem Statement

Provide reliable information from multiple sources at one place.

Provide vital information about events and activities in our locality.

Visual representation of requested data on maps.

Provide categorized information regarding community needs of residents like :

schools, hospitals nearby

houses for sale / price

upcoming activities in the area

planned construction

Location of Food joints

traffic patterns and many more…

Provide user reviews and rating on requested searches.

Current information available is- Vast, Scattered , Unreliable and Out of date

User’s are unable to get the desired information easily and quickly from reliable sources.

Lack of awareness of activities happening in the community.

Current solutions
Current Solutions

  • Location Related Information:The solutions currently available and widely used are:

    Google Maps (, and Bing Maps (

    These are generalized solutions that do not capture any specific or localized details of a community.

  • Community events and local businesses:

  • The widely used solution currently available is Craigslist: This site provides community information related to items for sale, discussion forums, activities, housing etc. The map used to show location based information is quite static and lacks dynamic information like traffic details, directions to destinations and ratings or reviews to the local businesses.Another available solution is through the buffalo news:

  • They also include local news stories for each area. The biggest deficiency seems to be though that there is no unified interface for all these things and they are dispersed throughout the site.

  • We aim to exploit the best of both these to provide interactive, personalized and local community based information.

Our solution community navigator
Our solution- Community Navigator

  • To deal with this situation we would like to build a web portal, aptly named “Community Navigator”, for Buffalo that consolidates all the vital information of the community and delivers reliable information to the residents.

  • The idea is to create a web based system that will help the user (resident) to fetch information relevant his/her surrounding area like nearby housing, hospitals, schools, food joints, businesses, on-going-upcoming community events, leisure activities, traffic and construction information, etc.

  • For ease of use and better understanding, all this information will be visually presented on maps, making the interface more friendly and beneficial for the users.

  • With the continuing rise of social computing, an integrated twitter feed of relevant community information will be included making the system more real-time.

  • Displaying personalized experiences for residents using Facebookwould give them a more relevant and useful outlook. This system has the ability to save time and effort by providing complete information about the community to a prospective user.

  • Along with its built in facilities for networking, the site will really enhance the overall quality of community interaction.

Project f eatures
Project Features

  • Personalization: Personalization is a feature that provides the user his/her personalized information and results based on his/her profile (obtained from user account registration)

  • Searching: The User is provided with a user-friendly GUI wherein he can search any relevant information.

  • Buying and Selling:User can buy and sell items through our website.

  • Posting: Local business users can post information  about new sales/offers advertisements, post about upcoming events or gatherings in the area

  • Discussion forum: Encourage the residents of a community and tourists to share their experiences and suggestions

  • Visual representation: We will use Google maps API to show important surrounding information on the map.

How to achieve personalization continued
How to achieve Personalization? (continued)


  • We will generate and update users’ profile during registration and for every subsequent logins respectively.

  • User can explore the personalization feature by login into our website using website’s login/ Facebook login system.

  • If user logins using Facebook account, we will gather the data (users’ profile) using users’ Facebook data (Facebook profile, likes, etc.)

  • If user logins using our website, he/she needs to fill out an interest form during the time of registration.


  • We will perform mining on user's data to find out his/her traits, so that we can recommend information that is relevant to him/her.


  • In this way we can  understand the user mind-set for providing personalized interface/navigation, customized information content, special deals to valued online customers

How to achieve personalization continued1
How to achieve Personalization ? (continued)

Community Navigator: User Login Interface

Searching and buying selling
Searching and Buying/Selling

Problem areas
Problem Areas

  • Depending on the external API's for the functioning of the website.

  • Information search challenges with no or incomplete user profile knowledge.

  • Validation of the data related to local businesses like House Sales/Rents, etc

Future enhancements
Future Enhancements

  • Twitter feeds could be added in a separate sidebar. By this, any twitter feed relevant to community information would be automatically updated in our database.

  • Currently this system has been designed to serve the residents of the Buffalo community. With the growing acceptance of this system, more communities could become a part of this system, thereby connecting different communities as well.

  • 3D Visual representations like those of Google earth would be more helpful in displaying results of a locality based search.

  • A validation scheme could be adopted to check for the reliability of local business data.