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  1. Attraction What is Beauty?

  2. Is this Beauty? Venus of HohleFels 35 000 year old statue Venus de Milo

  3. Is this Beauty? Venus at a Mirror Venus at her Mirror

  4. Is this Beauty? King Henry VIII Prince William

  5. Is this Beauty? Elizabethan Women Modern Tanned Woman

  6. Is this Beauty? Football 1960s Football 2010s

  7. Is this Beauty? Barbie Doll Real Proportions Wonder Woman

  8. Is this Beauty? Original Superman 1940s Superman of 2012

  9. Is this Beauty? Garry Cooper 1920s & 30s Johnny Depp

  10. Is this Beauty? Kate Moss Marilyn Monroe

  11. Is This Beauty? Ryan Gossling ZacEfron

  12. Is This Beauty? Meagan Fox Jessica Alba

  13. Is This Beauty? Robert Pattison Ryan Reynolds

  14. Is This Beauty? Blake Lively Carrie Underwood

  15. Is this Beauty? Nickname - Giraffe Woman African Tribal Woman with Lip Piecing

  16. Why are we Attracted to People? • Similarity - We like people who are similar to us in terms of interests, attitudes or experiences.  Differences strengthen a relationship when they are complementary, that is, when each partner's characteristics satisfy the other's needs. • Reciprocal attraction - We like people who like us, usually. • Gain-loss effect– We like people the most if we feel we have gained in their estimation of us (e.g., if they initially disliked us but now like us), and that we dislike people the most if we feel  we have lost their favour.

  17. Why are we Attracted to People? • Competence - We like to be around talented people, probably because we hope that their skills and abilities will rub off on us. • Disclosure - Revealing important information about yourself can help build liking.  When people share private and personal information with you, it suggests they trust and respect you.

  18. Physical Attraction • Physical beauty consists largely of the following factors: • Indicators of health • Indicators of fertility • Indicators of good genes • The above factors are common world wide, the final factor that makes beauty unique for every society is cultural preferences

  19. Cultural Preferences • Cultural preference will indicate things such as health or breeding age but these will tend to look the same from one society to another • One factor that is unique is wealth • In rich nations the richer you are the thinner you tend to be • In poor countries the richer you are the heavier you tend to be