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CAR Position:. Because of the shortage of MRT’s, in Canada, projected to worsen in the future, And while supporting a higher level of education for those who so choose,

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Car position
CAR Position:

  • Because of the shortage of MRT’s, in Canada, projected to worsen in the future,

  • And while supporting a higher level of education for those who so choose,

  • The CAR is opposed to the concept of a degree program level of competence as a minimum requirement for certification, for employment in Canada.

CAR Resolution MW02-17, Mar 2002

Mrt responsibilities
MRT Responsibilities

  • Patient safety and comfort

  • Exam preparation and performance

  • Image quality/technical evaluation

  • Quality assurance

Examinations procedures

  • CAR has published standards of performance for radiologists

  • Technologists assist in a greater number as they become less invasive

  • Smaller centres are doing some “specialized” ones, because it is part of the radiologists training(ex: biopsy,drainage )

Mrt and nursing
MRT and Nursing

  • Patients are hooked up to more technology in hospital than ever before (lines/devices)

  • High level of acuity in hospital and unsupervised work (when to call for help?)

  • More quality control (ex:infection)is required than before

Other mrt responsibilities
Other MRT Responsibilities

  • Inventory/ordering of supplies in a small department (ex:rural).. Entry level ?

  • Monitoring patients when nurse not present (ex post exam, waiting for porter/ambulance) . Entry level ?

Mrt s competency requirements

Technological change:

PACs ,teleradiology


CT and MRI


Office/Outpatient work vs Hospital (complexity, local needs/practices)

School or on-the-job training: who can best deliver?

MRT’s Competency Requirements

Recruitment retention of mrt affected by
Recruitment/Retention of MRT Affected by

  • Education Requirements

  • Remuneration

  • Working conditions/hours (ex:private clinics)

  • Family

  • Cost of living

  • Local amenities (urban/rural)

Mrt recruitement
MRT Recruitement

  • Does a “degree” make MRT less attractive as a career? (because of the time/expense)

  • What kind of mindset/interest is needed, to become a good MRT today/tomorrow

  • Is the aim to form an individual for a career or train him/her to do specific tasks?

Mrt training
MRT Training

  • Does the entry-to practice mean capable of “office/outpatient radiology” exams?

  • Do educators/employers prefer on-the-job training, for anything “complicated”?

  • Do the payers recognize greater expertise?

  • What advantage does a MRT degree confer in the Canadian job market?

A radiologist s personal perspective
A radiologist’s personal perspective

  • The team approach to care requires better educated professionals (for efficiency)

  • Health care management, on a day to day basis, is the business of all health care providers (to make the best use of $)

A radiologist s personal perspective1
A radiologist’spersonal perspective

  • Patients expectations and knowledge, (through the internet,) demand more expertise from all health care professionals.

  • A well educated professional can deal better with the increasing daily stresses of the health care workplace.