describing agency needs n.
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Describing Agency Needs

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Describing Agency Needs. State requirements in terms of Functions to be performed Performance required Essential physical characteristics Goals Provide contractors maximum opportunity Leverage the expertise of industry. Requirements Docs. Lots of Names SOW-statement of work

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Presentation Transcript
describing agency needs
Describing Agency Needs
  • State requirements in terms of
    • Functions to be performed
    • Performance required
    • Essential physical characteristics
  • Goals
    • Provide contractors maximum opportunity
    • Leverage the expertise of industry
requirements docs
Requirements Docs
  • Lots of Names
    • SOW-statement of work
    • SOO-statement of objectives
    • Specifications
  • Types
    • Design Specifications
    • Performance Specification
design spec
Design Spec
  • Actual description of the product to be purchased
  • Precise measurements, tolerances, materials, tests, quality control, inspection, and all other known information
  • Used when technical requirements are firm and can be clearly communicated to potential contractors
performance spec
Performance Spec
  • Identify operational characteristics of the item to be acquired
    • What does it need to do?
  • Tells potential contractors what the item needs to do rather than specifying what the item is
good practices
Good Practices
  • Be thorough and complete
  • Emphasize results rather than design or management directives
  • Limit contractual references
  • Allow flexibility
no nos
  • Don’t be restrictive
  • Don’t compromise requirements to increase competition
  • Don’t use non-standard industry terminology
  • Don’t allow potential competitor to do your job
market research
Market Research

Market Research is a process used to collect, organize, maintain, analyze, and present data for the purpose of maximizing the capabilities, technology, and competitive forces of the marketplace to meet an organization’s needs for goods and services

market research1
Market Research
  • Regulatory Requirement of FAR
    • Federal Acquisition Regulation
  • Maximize
    • Competition
    • Expertise
    • Capability
    • Existing Technology
    • Commercial Items
what is commercial
What is Commercial
  • Case Law
    • Comptroller General Decision B-277241.8

Determining whether a product or service is a commercial item is largely within the discretion of the contracting agency. . . Unless it is shown to be unreasonable.

why do i care
Why do I care?
  • Cheaper
  • Already proven
  • No cost data required
  • Easier acquisition procedures!!!!!!!!
acquisition plan
Acquisition Plan

An acquisition plan is a document or collection of documents that addresses the technical, management, and other significant considerations. The acquisition plan will define the major players and the sequence of events from requirements definition through contract award.

acquisition plan format
Acquisition Plan Format
  • Acquisition Background
  • Plan of Action
  • Funding and cost consideration
  • Technical considerations
  • Contract considerations
  • Environmental consideration
  • Security
  • Special considerations and waivers
plan for post award
Plan for Post-Award
  • Contract administration is longer!
    • Ensure compliance
    • Use personnel and resources efficiently
    • Identify potential problems early
  • Kick-off meetings
    • Understand proposal
    • Answer contractor questions
    • Clear and mutual understanding
solicitation types
Solicitation Types
  • Commercial Item (FAR Part 12)
  • Simplified (FAR Part 13)
  • Sealed Bidding (FAR Part 14)
  • Best-Value (FAR Part 15)
    • Competitive
    • Sole-source
who prepares this
Who Prepares this?
  • Program Manager is responsible
    • Delegates parts to team members
  • Contracting Officer is a critical source for information
    • Contractual commitments
    • Changes
    • Cost issues
    • Discrepancies
contact with contractors
Contact with Contractors?
  • Maintain arm’s length relationship
  • Contractor should determine how to meet contractual requirements
  • Do not suggest solutions
  • Do not become overly influenced
    • Listen up! Contractor’s are smart!