Connecting 2-1-1 to United Way’s Work
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Connecting 2-1-1 to United Way’s Work - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Connecting 2-1-1 to United Way’s Work.

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Connecting 2-1-1 to United Way’s Work

2-1-1 is not just another community investment. It’s a community impact tool that when leveraged can increase the effectiveness of all of United Way’s work. Whether your 2-1-1 is local or statewide, in-house or contracted out, there are tactics you can use to integrate 2-1-1 and enhance your results in education, income and health.

Integration Tactics

  • Move 2-1-1 off the back page of the brochure.

  • Add 2-1-1 data tidbits (call volume, # of resources, etc.) throughout where they relate to Education, Income & Health. Example

  • Publish local (county-specific) 2-1-1 results on your website.

  • Include links to 2-1-1 database on varying community service topics in your Social media.

Integration Tactics

  • Use 2-1-1 as a source of success stories. Example

  • Use 2-1-1 tidbits (need statistics) to illustrate compelling situations in your community.

  • Don’t miss the opportunity when talking about United Way to use 2-1-1 to position United Way as a problem-solver for the residents of our community in speeches.

Integration Tactics

  • Add 2-1-1 to your recorded phone greeting/on hold message.

  • Print 2-1-1 cards on the back of business cards and 2-1-1 posters on the reverse side of campaign posters. Examples

  • Invite board members & campaign volunteers to visit 2-1-1 center, observe calls, etc.

  • Include 2-1-1 call center in impact tours, agency fairs, etc.

Integration Tactics

  • Use 2-1-1 recorded calls (or mock calls) to convey importance of community investment fund.

  • Require funded agencies to list and update their programs in the 2-1-1 database.

  • Provide 2-1-1 logos/web banners/templates to funded agencies to use as a tool on their websites to link their customers with community resources. Example

Integration Tactics

  • Share 2-1-1 needs reports with funding volunteers. Example

  • Train funding volunteers to use the 2-1-1 online database as a tool for researching community resources.

  • Use 2-1-1 as a “watchdog” on agencies using enhanced follow-up procedures.

  • Analyze 2-1-1 data and use to support the case when doing system advocacy work.

Integration Tactics

  • In communities where there is no volunteer center, use 2-1-1 to track volunteer opportunities & donation needs/wish lists

  • Share 2-1-1 information with human resource contacts at companies with workplace campaigns.

  • Use 2-1-1 data to map resources and needs (2-1-1 online map, google maps, GIS, etc.) Example

  • Write 2-1-1 into your United Way’s strategic plan as a way to gain information about community needs and link people with solutions.

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