Syst 6820 assessing sustainable energy technologies introduction to syst 6820
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SYST 6820 – Assessing Sustainable Energy Technologies Introduction to SYST 6820. Professor Stephen Lawrence Leeds School of Business University of Colorado – Boulder. Instructor – Stephen Lawrence. BS, MS degrees in engineering (Purdue) 8 years of experience in industry

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Syst 6820 assessing sustainable energy technologies introduction to syst 6820

SYST 6820 – Assessing Sustainable Energy TechnologiesIntroduction to SYST 6820

Professor Stephen Lawrence

Leeds School of Business

University of Colorado – Boulder

Instructor stephen lawrence
Instructor – Stephen Lawrence

  • BS, MS degrees in engineering (Purdue)

  • 8 years of experience in industry

    • VP Operations in a metal casting plant

  • PhD in Operations Management (CMU)

  • 6 years at Washington University (St. Louis)

  • 12+ years a CU-Boulder

    • Teach operations, entrepreneurship, tech management

Syst6820 business process design course outline
SYST6820 – Business Process DesignCourse Outline

  • Sustainable Energy

    I. Renewable Energy Technologies

    • Hydro, wind, oceanic, solar, geothermal, biomass

      II. Alternative Energy Technologies

    • Hydrogen & fuel cells, nuclear, fossil fuel innovation, integration

      III. Student Project Presentations

    • Short in-class presentations

    • Post on Leeds SAGE (Sustainable Approaches to Global Enterprise) wikipedia

Course description
Course Description

SYST 6820 AssessingSustainable Energy Technologies focuses on the technological, cost, and environmental “fundamentals” of emerging sources of energy, including solar, wind, biomass, oceanic, geothermal, hydropower, fuel cell (hydrogen), nuclear, and other more exotic energy sources.  A premise of the course is that a sustainable energy technology must both be technically feasible and economically viable.  We consequently investigate the technological promise and progress of each technology, as well as its economic opportunities and challenges.  At the conclusion of the course, students will have a solid understanding of emerging energy sources. 

Course objectives
Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to provide participants with a foundation in the technological and economic fundamentals of important and emerging sustainable energy technologies.  As gasoline prices soar, and as the need for viable alternatives to fossil fuels accelerates, knowledge about sustainable energy technologies is growing rapidly in importance.  Questions that you will be answer after completing this course include:

  • What are the technical, economic (cost) and emerging fundamentals of important and emerging sustainable energy technologies?

  • How can the economic and technical performance of sustainable energy technologies be measured and compared?

  • What are the technical and economic obstacles to the widespread use of sustainable technologies?

  • Which sustainable energy technologies show the greatest long-term economic promise?

  • Which sustainable energy technologies are closest to commercialization?

Course materials
Course Materials

  • Textbook

    • Tester, Drake, Driscoll, Golay, and Peters; Sustainable Energy: Choosing Among Options; The MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 2005.

  • Reference Texts (on reserve in Leeds School Business Library)

    • Boyle, Renewable Energy: Power for a Sustainable Future (2nd edition), Oxford University Press, 2004

    • Berinstein, Alternative Energy: Facts, Statistics, and Issues, Oryx Press, 2001

  • Readings

    • Some additional readings will be required; they will be made available on the course website or distributed via email.

  • Websites

    • A number of useful websites are referenced that will serve as helpful supplements to the course.


  • Homework Assignments (10)

    • Due on Tuesday’s each week

  • Midterm Exam

    • First half of course

  • Project

    • Investigation of a specific alternative energy source of specific interest to the student

  • Final Exam

    • Entire course

Homework rules
Homework Rules

  • You are free to discuss homework assignments with friends and colleagues .  However, when writing up an assignment, do your own work.  This means:

    • You may discuss problems with one another

    • You may help one another through difficulties and roughs spots

    • You may compare solutions with one another

    • You may not copy work from one another

    • You may not share computer files

    • You may not submit assignments jointly (as a team)

    • When you put pencil to paper, or fingers to keyboard, the work you do must be your own

    • If you have questions, please ask...

Cu policies rules
CU Policies & Rules

  • The CU Student Honor Code is strictly enforced in this class


  • If you qualify for accommodations because of a disability, please submit a letter from Disability Services (DS) early in the semester so that your needs may be addressed

    • (303) 492-8671, Willard 322


  • Conflicts with religious observance dates and course examinations are handled according to the approved campus policy


  • Campus-wide classroom behavior policy has recently been adopted.



  • Email

    • I read my email every day, and will make every effort to answer queries within 24 hours (or faster).  

  • Subscribe to Mailing List

    • SYST6820_s06 Firstname Lastname

  • All course materials available web


Course calendar and schedule
Course Calendar and Schedule

  • Available on the web


Certificate in sustainable energy
Certificate in Sustainable Energy

  • Graduate certificate in works

  • Three courses:

    • Sustainable Energy Technology (SYST6820)

    • Sustainable Energy Policy

    • Sustainable Energy Venturing

  • Working on getting certificate approved through CU Grad School

    • Not a done deal (yet)

Not too late to enroll
Not too late to enroll!

  • Add deadline is January 25

  • If you know of students who might be interested in this course, have them give me a call