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Board and Network Training: Resources 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Board and Network Training: Resources 2011

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Board and Network Training: Resources 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Board and Network Training: Resources 2011
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  1. Board and Network Training: Resources 2011

  2. Work group resources On ACUHO-I Web site:

  3. Chair Resources • ACUHO-I Strategic Plan • Volunteer Program Agreement and Guidelines • Relational Flow Chart • Chair, Board, and Staff Liaison Agreement • Board Report Form • Travel Expense Report Form • Travel Expense Report Form Instructions • Request for Payment Form

  4. Connect and Share Information • Message Forums • Special-Interest Online Groups • More than 1,600 members online. ACUHO-I Online Network

  5. Collaborate With Committee • There are tools at your disposal • Online Network Groups • Can be made private as needed • Google Sites • Used by Executive and Foundation boards • Share documents and calendar • Some learning curve involved • Conference Calls

  6. SOCIAL MEDIA Connect With Colleagues Through Twitter, Facebook, the ACUHO-I Blog, and More

  7. Go to Where the Members Are Twitter Facebook

  8. Housing News & Commentary • Opportunity to read, write, & comment ACUHO-I News Blog

  9. A Wealth of Information • Conference Presentations • Publications • Model Documents • Continually Growing

  10. Distance Meeting tools • • • ACUHO-I Portal

  11. Scheduling a Conference Call Teleconferences: In order to facilitate communication among committee members and others, ACUHO-I has been using a free conference call service. Go to and click on the Sign Up icon.

  12. • Create a login by clicking the “sign up icon” • Click on Schedule icon…located at the top of the page • Click on Web-Scheduled Standard icon…next • Fill in how many people, date & time, how long the conference call will be…next • Click yes to the question “Would you like to send invitation via email…next • Enter title for meeting, comments or agenda information for the invitation…next • Select participants for the conference call • Confirm the conference • You will receive an email confirmation for the reservation

  13. Proposing Meeting/Conference Call Dates & Times In order to check on participants availability for a meeting or a conference call use the free website: This website allows you to propose multiple dates/times for a meeting or a conference call You are able to monitor responses of availability as well as send a reminder email to anyone who has not responded.


  15. Using • Create a login by clicking on the “get startednow” icon • Select create a meeting request • Select propose one or more dates/times • Select up to 12 optional start dates and times • Select duration of call • Confirm time zone is appropriate • Complete subject/purpose of the call/meeting • Enter email addresses • Review meeting request and click send

  16. Using the ACUHO-I Portal • All important documents related to the Executive Board are posted on the portal. • All pertinent documents and/or committee reports related to each Executive Board meeting is posted on the portal to be reviewed prior to each meeting. • For easy access to the information, there are individual tabs set up on the left side of the portal screen.

  17. LEADERSHIP CALENDAR To view all of the scheduled Leadership board meetings & conference calls as well as the regional and international meetings dates & locations, please visit this website…

  18. Board and Volunteer Travel Expense Report • Submitted for approved ACUHO-I reimbursable committee expenses (make sure to include planning for such expenses in budget!) • All non-mileage reimbursement expenses must have supporting documentation attached (meals cannot include alcohol) • Submit original, signed to central office staff liaison • Forms available on website

  19. Expedia Corporate Travel • Online, on demand, self-guided, automated travel service • Personal Travel Profiles (including FF#) • Budget Code Entry • Central Billing & Tracking • Policy Compliance Feature • 24hr Service Line (free until 9pm, EST) • Flight Status Updates

  20. Expedia Corporate Travel

  21. Travel Policy Compliance/Mgt

  22. ACUHO-I Request for Payment form • Used for budget approved non-travel committee expenses • Payment made by Association box to be checked at top • Complete with all information for check issuance • Original invoices must be attached • Original requests only (no copies) submitted • Committee request for payment forms must contain approval signature of committee chair

  23. Board Reports Every ACUHO-I group (Committee, Network, Task Force and Advisory Board), as well as each Regional Affiliate (US and non US based) is expected to submit a written report in advance of each face to face Executive Board Meeting (meetings typically occur in October, February and at ACE)

  24. Your Board liaison or Karen Feasel from the Central Office will facilitate this process, sharing forms and deadlines as appropriate You may also want to obtain copies of past reports from the previous Chair if you do not have them already Board Reports

  25. The board report form is located on the ACUHO-I website under the communities tab, click on the work group resource tab. Reports are typically due 3-4 weeks before the Board meeting to allow for time to review (due dates for all three report submissions will be set at beginning of the process) Board Reports

  26. Information Requested on Form: Charge of the Committee, Task Force, or Network Progress Since Last Report Work Planned for Next Reporting Period What Resources Does the Group Need to Accomplish Charge Barriers to Achieving Charge Need for Assistance or Support Board Reports

  27. It is appreciated if these reports are submitted by the deadline (if not sooner) – the EB has a significant amount of reading to do before each meeting Your liaison will follow up with you if the report is not received by the due date Board Reports

  28. Once received, reports will posted on the EB portal for viewing by the Executive Board Members Every report needs to be reviewed by every Board Member prior to this portion of the Executive Board Meeting – critical to our Knowledge Based Governance model Board Reports

  29. The liaison is responsible for seeking clarification on items in the report prior to the Board meeting, especially if an action or response on the item is requested by the group Board Reports

  30. The liaison will also be responsible for leading any discussion necessary at the Board Meeting on topics raised in the report from their group Board Reports

  31. Liaisons will report back to their group with appropriate information (actions taken or answers to inquiries) within a reasonable period of time (4-6 weeks). Some feedback may need to be provided verbally, at least initially, but written communication or follow up is encouraged for future reference Board Reports

  32. Provide a complete report, but also be concise – too little information will not keep the Board informed of the good work you are doing, but important details and issues can get lost in too much information Board Reports