filling in the gaps with online learning l.
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CMS Proposal

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CMS Proposal

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    1. Filling in the Gaps with Online Learning By Ken Kester

    2. Course Management Systems (CMS) • Course managements systems (CMS) are an effective way of distributing education to students that don’t succeed in the regular classroom. • This systems are easy to access, most are user friendly, and some are free.

    3. RCampus • Is a free CMS that was created for K-16 educational use. • It allows teachers to create course home site that allows them to assess schoolwork, create websites, and have students build ePortfolios. • It also allows student access to missing and graded schoolwork outside of the classroom. • Provides privacy and security for teachers and students using the software.

    4. More Features • Allows free rubric creation for teachers • Free tutoring connections for students • It will help teachers organize their workload which will free more time for them to focus on helping their students. • It can also relay real-time data on teaching effectiveness

    5. Why do we need CMS? • So many of our students are technology orientated that they cannot function in a regular face-to-face classroom. • This tool allows them an additional avenue to learn the content. • Students can have 24/7 access to school content and help through this type of software

    6. Technology Needs • This is a web-based tool so the computer requirements are minimal. • It is very user friendly and easy to setup

    7. References • Rcampus. (2011). A Collaborative Learning Community. Retrieved March 29, 2011, from