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PHHS Enrollment night

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PHHS Enrollment night . WE ARE park hill! 2014-2015. Counselors. Mr. Wazac A-D Mrs. Reeves E-F (AVID) Mrs. Todd G-l Ms. King M-Sa Mrs. Olvera Sc -z. Enrollment schedule. Current freshmen Homeroom presentations Forms due Thursday, January 16, 2014 to homeroom teacher

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PHHS Enrollment night

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phhs enrollment night

PHHS Enrollment night

WE ARE park hill! 2014-2015

  • Mr. Wazac A-D
  • Mrs. Reeves E-F (AVID)
  • Mrs. Todd G-l
  • Ms. King M-Sa
  • Mrs. Olvera Sc-z
enrollment schedule
Enrollment schedule
  • Current freshmen
    • Homeroom presentations
    • Forms due Thursday, January 16, 2014 to homeroom teacher
  • Current sophomores
    • Homeroom presentations
    • Forms due either January 27 or January 30 to homeroom teacher
  • Current juniors
    • individual meetings in month of January
    • Forms due no later than February 5th to counselor
enrollment materials
Enrollment materials
  • High School Career and Educational Planning Guide

  • Enrollment sheet
  • Copy of the personal plan of study
enrollment form expectations
Enrollment form expectations
  • Circle 8 course selections
  • Leave personal plan attached to enrollment form
  • Optional: select 5th block credit option
  • Write alternates on the back

1. One core (English, Math, Science, Social Studies)

2. One elective (any class front/back)

  • Teacher/Parent signatures where needed
  • Turn in by deadline
schedule change policy
Schedule change policy

A student’s schedule will be changed for the following reasons:

  • Computer Error
  • Pre-requisite not met
  • Duplicate Credit
  • Increase level of rigor
family connections naviance new online college and career readiness tool
Family connections/navianceNew online college and career readiness tool
  • Set personalized goals
  • Assess strengths
  • Explore careers
  • Search for Colleges
  • Apply for Scholarships
  • Prepare for the ACT
  • Track admission status
  • Communicate with Counselors
family connections login
Family connections login
  • Counselors will help students access naviance this spring

Students will Go to

  • username: student id number
  • Password: Student ID NUMBER
  • Parents-counselors will roll out login information next fall
new 5 th hour credit option
New 5th hour credit option
  • Are you looking to free up room in your schedule to take more classes?
  • students have the option to earn additional credit first and second terms
  • Virtual class options for 1 credit each term listed on back of enrollment forms
  • Pe/weights early bird option
    • 6:30-7:15 Monday-Friday
    • Each term is ½ credit
    • No transportation will be provided
online blended learning page 15 in cepg
Online blended learning- page 15 in cepg
  • Online courses = on-site ORremote
  • Courses will require some face to face meetings with teacher
  • Options include
    • Regular schedule
    • 5th block credit option
    • Summer school
  • All students in class 2015 and beyond are required to take an online course for graduation!
english language arts ela page 22 in cepg
English Language arts (ELA)–page 22 in cepg
  • Every student must choose one ELA


  • Must choose Ela 2

Juniors: (Can choose 2)

  • must choose Ela 3 or enriched ela 3
  • Composition and Reading, AP English Language, AP English Literature

Seniors: (Can choose 2)

  • Ela 4,Composition and Reading, AP English Language, AP English Literature
math page 32 in cepg
Math- page 32 in cepg


  • Choose two math


  • Choose one math minimum


  • Choose one math minimum
science page 39 in cepg
Science- page 39 in cepg
  • Requirements- 3 credits (Biology and Chemistry required)
  • All students take:
    • Biology 1
    • Chemistry 1 or Accelerated Chemistry
  • After Biology and Chemistry/Acc. Chemistry Students May Choose:
  • Physics
  • AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2
  • Biology II and AP BIO
  • AP Chemistry
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Forensic Science (new)
  • Materials Science and Engineering (new)
  • PLTW Principles of Biomedical Sciences (new)
  • AP Environmental Science
social studies page 41 in cepg
Social studies- page 41 in cepg

Sophomores (pick at least one):

  • Social Studies electiveS :
    • Humanities
    • Civil war and reconstruction
    • Sociology
    • Psychology- virtual or face to face
    • Current events
    • Philosophy
  • African American studies
  • Asian studies
  • Latino studies
  • Women’s studies
  • AP Human Geography
  • AP World History
  • Ap European history
social studies page 41 in cepg1
Social studies- page 41 in cepg


  • American History or AP US History


  • US Constitution and Government or AP Government and Politics
health personal wellness health pg 37 and wellness pg 26 of cepg
Health/personal wellnesshealth pg. 37 and wellness pg. 26 of cepg
  • Required 1 full credit (1/2 health/1/2 wellness)
  • Ways to obtain credit
    • Option of Summer School
    • Option of new 5th block credit option
    • Virtual option

***If you have not had HPW, please sign up for it this summer or next year ***

physical education page 37 in cepg
Physical education-page 37 in cepg
  • Required 1 credit
  • Must take Foundations of Fitness before any other PE course.
  • Option during Summer School
  • New 5th block credit early bird option
fine arts visual arts pg 18 english language arts pg 25 music pg 35
Fine arts- (Visual Arts pg. 18, English Language Arts pg. 25, Music pg. 35)

Required 1 credit

  • Drama
  • Design and draw
  • Music for a Lifetime
  • Choir
  • Band
  • orchestra
  • Tournament Forensics

***Current choir/band/orchestra students sign up for the same course even if you plan on auditioning for another course

personal finance computer applications page 19 in cepg
Personal finance/computer applicationspage 19 in cepg
  • Required 1 credit
  • Ways to obtain credit
    • Summer School Option
    • Virtual School Option (On-site or Remote)
    • NEW OPTION: 5th Hour Credit

***Please plan to sign up for PFCA this summer or next year ***

practical arts
Practical arts

Required 1 credit

  • Family & Consumer Science (pg. 26)
  • Business/Technology (pg. 19)
  • Pre-Engineering (Project Lead the way, pg. 38)
  • Industrial Technology (pg. 31)
  • Broadcast Journalism, Journalism/Mass Media, Photojournalism (pg. 24)
  • Northland career center (NCC)- juniors and seniors only
  • Northland caps – juniors and seniors only
northland center for advanced professional studies caps
Northland Center for advanced professional studies (CAPS)
  • Provides students with professional, innovative and entrepreneurial education through full immersion in high demand/high skill careers.   
  • Solve real world problems, using business standard software, equipment and are mentored by real employers. 
  • Gain Experience through  project management, creativity, business ethics, teamwork and time management 
  • Develop soft skills necessary for the world of work

NORTHLAND CAPS OVERVIEW High School Practical Art and Elective Credits

  • Meet for 2.5 (2 blocks) either in the morning or afternoon
  • Potential for College Credit
  • Facilitated by a certified instructor and located at the business partner site
northland caps strands
Northland caps strands
  • Medicine and health care- north Kansas city hospital
  • Global business and entrepreneurship-tbd
  • Technology solutions-cerner
  • Engineering and advanced manufacturing-Holland 1916
  • Education services-graden elementary school
northland career center ncc page 47 49 in cepg
Northland career center (NCC)page 47-49 in cepg
  • Juniors & Seniors
  • Required Application/Shadow Experience
  • Blocks 1 & 2 both semesters = 4 credits
  • Return completed applications to the Counseling Office
  • Selection based on successful completion of prerequisites, attendance, GPA, standardized tests scores and an interest in career and technical education
northland career center courses
Northland career center courses
  • Building Trades I & II (11 & 12)
  • Construction Labor (grade 12 only)
  • IT Professionals I & II (11&12)
  • Culinary Arts I & II (11 & 12)
  • Diesel Technology I & II (11 & 12)
  • Mechanical Maintenance (Grade 12 only)
  • Early Childhood Careers I & II (11&12)
  • Health Sciences I & II (11&12)
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning and Refrigeration I & II (11&12)
  • Industrial Welding I&II (11&12)
  • Law Enforcement/Crime Scene Investigation I& II (11&12)
foreign language page 28 in cepg
Foreign language-page 28 in cepg
  • Minimum of two terms of the same language are required for most college admissions
  • Languages offered
    • Spanish
    • Chinese
    • French
    • german
a scholarship program
a+ scholarship Program
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • 95% attendance rate
  • 50 hours tutoring/mentoring
  • Some 4-year colleges and universities offer scholarships for A+ completion

Ms. Dorward – A+ Coordinator

  • 816-359-5800 Page 14 in CEPG
college admission requirements for foreign language
College Admission Requirements for Foreign Language
  • Dual credit may fulfill all or some of the Foreign Language requirements at the college level.
  • Spanish III and Spanish IV are currently dual credit at phhs
  • Check each university’s website for further Foreign Language requirements in each program
dual credit page 51 in cepg
Dual credit- page 51 in cepg
  • College credit through Maple Woods Community College (optional)
  • Dual Credit Requirements:
    • Meet prerequisite for any course
    • 3.0 cumulative gpa for core classes
    • Mcc required scores on nationally standardized placement tests (act, plan, or compass)
  • Earn HS credit, even if you choose to not pay for the college dual credit
general recommendations
General recommendations
  • One class in each of the four core:

English, Math, Science, Social Studies

  • Advanced Placement class (AP)
  • Two terms of the same foreign language
  • Why is it important to have four core classes in a student’s schedule each year?
  • What impact does it have on a student’s future plans/goals/college success?
  • College Acceptance
  • ACT Scores
  • Remedial Coursework
  • Scholarships
  • College course placement
  • College Success
example of ap course credit equivalencies
Example of AP course credit equivalencies
  • University of Missouri AP equivalencies
  • Northwest Missouri State University AP equivalencies
enrollment sheets
Enrollment sheets
  • Leave Personal Plans of Study attached
  • Choose 8 courses
  • Optional: pick 5th block credit option
  • List 2 Alternates (One must be a CORE)
  • Parent/Student/Teacher signatures
  • Student returns to their HR teacher or the Counseling Office by assigned due dates
questions concerns

Please contact your student’s counselor for further questions/concerns

THANK YOU for coming!

The Park Hill High School Counseling Office