chapter 16 the t error between towns n.
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Chapter 16- The T error Between Towns PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 16- The T error Between Towns

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Chapter 16- The T error Between Towns - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 16- The T error Between Towns. Agenda. Check-in Quiz Chapter 16 Notes Summarizer- “I’m Bolsheviky ”.

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Chapter 16- The T error Between Towns

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  • Check-in
  • Quiz
  • Chapter 16 Notes
  • Summarizer- “I’m Bolsheviky”

Write a reflection paper, focusing on what we discussed in class. What do you believe are some serious issues that as a society we are facing? What can we do to ameliorate them? What is our responsibility? Consider the arguments that you have heard in class, as well as the arguments that Steinbeck makes.

  • You may work with a partner on this.
quiz chapter 16
Quiz Chapter 16

1. What do Rose of Sharon and Connie plan to do when they get to California?

2. Who does Tom think should take the Joadcar?

3. What does Casy say he’ll do once he stops preaching?

4. Who is the one-eyed man?

5. What does the ragged man tell the Joads about California?

  • Joads and Wilsons continue their “flight across the Panhandle, the rolling gray country” (222).
    • -from Oklahoma to Texas
  • The highway was “their home and movement their medium of expression” (222).
rose a sharon s dreams
Rose a Sharon’s Dreams..

Wants to live in the city

Connie-study radio and have his own store

Doctor for when the baby’s born

Who else in the story dreamed about taking correspondence courses?

Ma knows when Al speaks that “it was all a dream” (225).


The con-rod bearing went on the Joad’s truck.

Who thinks it’s his fault?

Ma reassures him saying, “You done ever’thing right,” but there is fear in her voice (226).

terror between towns
Terror between Towns…

Tom says that they need a part and that they have to go back to Santa Rosa because Albuquerque is 75 miles away

Tomorrow is Sunday…

uh oh

bad sign
Bad sign…
  • Buzzard flew above them
  • Pa scared they’ll run out of money
tom s plan
Tom’s Plan…
  • Wants to send everyone ahead in the car, so they can start making money
  • Casy and Tom will stay and fix the truck
  • Ma’s worried that they’ll lose them, but Tom says “California ain’t the whole world” (229).
ma s revolt
Ma’s Revolt
  • “I ain’t a-gonna go” (229).
  • Pa says she has to

Ma grabs a jack handle and says “On’y way you gonna get me to go is to whup me…An’ I’ll shame you Pa. I won’t take no whuppin’, cryin’ an’ a beggin….an’ I’ll knock you belly-up with a bucket (230).

ma wins
Ma wins!
  • Tells Pa to go ahead and whup her, but once he falls asleep “I’ll slap ya with a stick a stove wood” (230).
  • Pa didn’t lose it, “his hands hung limply at his sides” (230). Who‘s the real ruler of the roost?
  • “What we got lef’ in the worl’? Nothin’ but us”-Ma
    • Iwe

Ma’s strength and dominant role; the weakness of the father

  • Reversal of traditional roles that dominated all of the families—demonstrates power of the transformation trip has caused
casy counts a hundred cars moving with them to california
Casy counts a hundred cars moving with them to California
  • Casy says it’s “like a whole country is movin’” (136).
foreshadowing what
Foreshadowing What?

“They’sgonna come a thing that’s gonna change the whole country” (137).

Social consciousness


Tom- “I climb fences when I got fences to climb” (237)

Casy- “It’s the bes’ way. I gotta agree. But they’s different kinda forces. They’s folk like me that climbs fences that ain’t even strang up yet– an’ can’t help it.”

-Casy is a leader or visionary.

-he’s not fenced in yet,

-but wants to start tearing down


  • The heat might be getting to her
  • “ain’t got no sense no more” (238).
    • Not speaking, not recognizing anyone like a baby
  • Keeps talking to Grampa

Off the deep end?

what s ma scared about
What’s Ma scared about…
  • She’s scared Tom will do something wrong again.
tom believes in just laying one foot down in front of the other 241
Tom believes in “just laying one foot down in front of the other” (241)
  • doesn’t want to think about jail
  • Doesn’t want to think about how it made Ma feel
  • Just wants to deal with the present
tom s memories of jail
Tom’s Memories of Jail
  • Only will tell Al that jail was a way to drive men nuts.
  • “somepin screwy about the whole idea a lockin’ people up” (241)- not natural
one eye
  • Boss teases him, saying he could marry his 19 y.o. daughter or go to a dance, but he’s just kidding.
    • Strips him of his dignity i.e. Who else does this?
  • He wants to get even
tom gives one eye a talking to
Tom gives One- Eye a talking to…
  • Cover your eye, shower, people might like you then
  • If life gives you lemons, make lemonade i.e. “Ya full a crap. Why I knowed a one-legged whore one time…. She’s getting’ half a dollar extra” (245).
      • Stop making excuses
what is the significance of the jackrabbit getting hit how does it tie into the story
What is the significance of the jackrabbit getting hit? How does it tie into the story?
  • headlights light the road, and the rabbit does not want to move into the dark.
  • foreshadows that if migrant family cannot handle the unknown, they too will not be able to survive.
trying to make camp
Trying to make camp…
  • It’s going to cost them 4 bits,

but Tom says we’ll just use the woods for free.

      • The owner says no because the sheriff would remove them…
  • Got a law about sleeping out of state and vagrants prejudice and I vs. We
manager says don t you have half a dollar
Manager says, “Don’t you have half a dollar”
  • Tom says he will need it for later.
  • Manager- “Well we all got make a livin’.”
  • Tom- “On’ly I wish they was some way to make her ‘thought takin’ her away from somebody else.”– Capitalism
grim reaper example of what
Grim Reaper- Example of what?
  • Near edge of the porch,

“ragged man…black coat dripped tornstreamers…face black with dust, and lined where sweat had washed through” (257).

  • Laughs when Tom says he’s going to California
  • Ragged man is just coming back, thin.
ragged man returns
Ragged Man Returns
  • Returns from California because“I’m goin’ back to starve. I rather starve toward all over at oncet” (257).
ragged man bringer of bad news
Ragged Man- bringer of bad news
  • Owners will go talk to 500 men, but they only need 200 because “The more fellas he can get, an’ the hungrier, less he’s gonna pay” (259).
  • Advice- ask them how much they’ll pay and get it in writing.
tom vs proprietors
Tom vs. Proprietors
  • Proprietor- “Don’t you go a-sassin’ me. I ‘member you. You’re one of these here troublemakers” (263)
  • Tom- “Damn right. I’m bolsheviky.”