The “smart” kids
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The “smart” kids. Bad timing?. Interesting…. Oh…. Irony is great! But what different types of irony exist? Verbal Dramatic Situational. What type?. Gollum convinces Frodo that Sam is trying to take the ring while Gollum plans on sending Frodo to his own demise. And….

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What type

What type?

Gollum convinces Frodo that Sam is trying to take the ring while Gollum plans on sending Frodo to his own demise.


After dropping the cake on his shirt at his brother’s wedding reception, Andrew says, “I am so happy I did that.”

“The golf links lie so near the mill

That almost every day

The laboring children can look out

And see the men at play”

“The Golf Links,” by Sarah N. Cleghorn

Where is the irony

Where is the irony?

He knew he had to take control and face the day. It was now or never, so he:

A: Raised his hand to volunteer

B: Hit the alarm’s snooze button and went back to sleep

C: Read the next chapter

D: Closed his eyes and took one step forward

Se habla espanol

Se HablaEspanol?

While students were enjoying the International Club Party, she had worked so hard to plan, Veronica

A: Talked to her friends

B: Thought she deserved to be thanked for her efforts

Stayed home to study for a Spanish exam that was assigned at the last minute

D. Thought it could not have turned out better



As the river rose higher and higher, to protect the house.

Neighbors piled sandbags to protect the house

Police evacuated the neighborhood

The Johnsons started to panic

Teddy wished he had never sold his houseboat and moved inland

More please

More please

After adopting two children, the couple

Were satisfied with their family

Had twins

Supported international adoption groups

Saved money for the children’s education

Can i have that interview back

Can I have that interview back?

After she had refused a job with Microsoft, her new company

Went on the New York Stock Exchange

Was purchased by a foreign investor

Posted higher annual earning than IBM

Was bought by Microsoft