animal torture n.
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Animal torture!!

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Animal torture!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Animal torture!!. Types of animal torture!.

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types of animal torture
Types of animal torture!

Who knew that their were so many different types of animal torture, there are literally hundreds of types, but no one has enough time to go through them all so I will just say a few. They get stabbed, drowned, poisoned, shot, neglected, physically beaten up and many many more.

where animal torture is mostly found
Where animal torture is mostly found!!!

Animal torture is found every were but however it is said that Colorado has the most cases of animal torture. Did you know that if you get caught committing animal torture in Colorado you will get a 500,000 fine and 6 years in jail.

This is the Colorado flag.

the training
The training!!!

Training dogs is not a bad thing if you teaching your dog good stuff and not bad. By bad I mean training your dog to attack to attack anything it see like other dogs, humans, other animals and more. Dog die and can get seriously injured from dog fights because two dogs must attack the other.


It is proven that most people who commit animal torture have committed a crime before they would get a big tough dog train it to attack then they would go to jail again.

dogs most commonly used
Dogs most commonly used!!
  • Pit bull
  • Doberman
  • Greyhound
  • Rot wheeler
a true story
A true story!!

A woman has thrown 8 new born puppies into a river they all drowned to death. This video was so disturbing that they blocked it by you-tube.