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Works Cited Tips

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Works Cited Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Works Cited Tips . Links and samples of Works Cited Entries…. What is a “ Works Cited ”?.

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works cited tips

Works Cited Tips

Links and samples of Works Cited Entries…

what is a works cited
What is a “Works Cited”?
  • In the course of research for Social Studies you will utilize multiple sources. In order to not be guilty of plagiarizing (using an author’s work without giving them credit) you must provide the reader with a list of the sources (referred to as “Works”) that you consulted (“Cited”) in the course of preparing your research assignment.
  • So a Works Cited page is a list of all the sources you used to create your final research assignment (whether that be a power point, a paper, or something else).
  • There will be times when you are required to place “citations” in the body of the research (this will be required for your individual Research Papers). Those are called in-text, or parenthetical citations . There are specific rules as to how that is done as well as specific rules for the format and content of a Works Cited page.
links format tips for works cited
Links & format tips for Works Cited…
  • The Library Home page has a link that is invaluable to you during the course of your time at NPHS. It is accessed by clicking the BIBLIOGRAPHY HELP link on the left side menu.
  • There you will find links to Citation Makers such as Noodle Tools, Knight Cite & Easy Bib. But your first stop should be the link that appears down further on the page where it says “Help with MLA Citation formats”…
  • First click the PURDUE OWL GUIDE (this is an Online Writing Lab guide provided by Purdue University). The link takes you to general information about MLA format (which we will always use in World Cultures). Click below to go directly to Works Cited instructions
  • Works Cited Instructions
more helpful links
More helpful links…
  • The Librarians have put together a great source called “MLA’s Greatest Hits” which is very useful, but not as comprehensive as the OWL Guide. Link to that is below…
  • MLA's Greatest Hits
  • The above link illustrates what your WC should look like. It shows the spacing and indentation (“hanging” indents) that should be used on all WC pages.
  • Doing a WC page requires patience and the ability to READ & FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, which all of you possess. The general rule of thumb is that if you are using a source that does not have some of the required information, you may omit that information. For example, most reference sources don’t have authors, so rather that alphabetizing by author, you use the Title.
wc requirements for research assignment 1
Wc requirements for research assignment #1:
  • You are required to use 6 sources for the Fact Chart and 1 more for the Country Comparison…so your Works Cited must have 7 entries.
  • Most of your Fact Chart sources will have a link to the citation or will provide it at the beginning or the end of the page. If not, you will have to create it following the directions on the OWL guide or using one of the citation makers.
  • If it says “database” on the IMC page, then it is a database. If it doesn’t say anything, then it is a website.
  • You may or may not have used book sources. That will vary by student.
  • Major highlights are that the entries are in alphabetical order, not numbered, the entire WC is double spaced (hanging indentations tell me when a new source is being listed).