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The Cerebrum

The Cerebrum. pp. 235-240. Cerebrum Diencephalon. Brain stem Cerebellum. Four Major Regions of the Brain. The Cerebrum. Gyrus Sulcus Fissure. Transverse fissure. Longitudinal fissure. Longitudinal fissure. Lobes. Frontal Parietal Temporal Occipital. Longitudinal fissure.

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The Cerebrum

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  1. The Cerebrum pp. 235-240

  2. Cerebrum Diencephalon Brain stem Cerebellum Four Major Regions of the Brain

  3. The Cerebrum • Gyrus • Sulcus • Fissure Transversefissure Longitudinal fissure Longitudinalfissure

  4. Lobes • Frontal • Parietal • Temporal • Occipital Longitudinal fissure

  5. The Cerebral Cortex

  6. Corpus Callosum

  7. Basal Nuclei

  8. Frontal Lobe (orange & red) Primary motor area Broca’s area

  9. Parietal Lobe (green & yellow) Somatic sensory area Speech area

  10. Temporal Lobe (blue) Auditory area Olfactory area

  11. Occipital Lobe (blue-green) Visual area

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