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What does your L abel say about Your Brand PowerPoint Presentation
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What does your L abel say about Your Brand

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What does your L abel say about Your Brand - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What does your L abel say about Your Brand
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  1. What does your Label say about Your Brand

  2. The Importance of Your Label • Package Designs have just 3 seconds and 15 feet for packages to catch a consumer’s eye • 76% of all decisions are made at the store • When shopping – Women are on an exploration, men are on a mission • Consumers have increased their desire for a storyline/pass around factor • Consumers want a PERSONAL connection with their products and brands • Given all other marketing efforts, your label is the last point that a consumer will be influenced

  3. 5 Steps to Brand Recall • Research how brand will be used • Understand where it will live in the home • Find a visual/verbal hole for brand to fill • Understand how modern trends effect the brand • Brand loyalty is decreasing – to maintain loyalty brands need to offer more value and/or more solutions • Go backwards to go forward • Know your target audience – your target audience cannot be “everyone”

  4. Marketing and Global Trends Social Accountability - Most people will purchase a brand that they feel connects with their own personal belief system – even when that brand is more expensive Mass-tige– Premium but attainable Global Trends 1. Getting Older 2. Increase of Middle Class 3. Increase in global influences 4. Increase in female influences 5. Increase in healthy experiences Consumer needs 1. New Health 2. New Taste 3. Snackification

  5. When Designing or Approving Design Shelf Sight Sequence 1. Color 2. Shape 3. Symbols 4. Words Know your audience (remembering that your audience is NOT everyone!) and appeal to as many of their senses as possible

  6. Successful Brands and Labels

  7. Successful Brands and Labels

  8. Successful Brands and Labels

  9. The Language of Wine A great deal of visual cues are already established for the wine industry; however, if they do not speak to your target audience – should you use them….

  10. Remember to Consider: Is Your Audience Traditional

  11. Remember to Consider: Is Your Audience Adventurous

  12. Remember to Consider: Is Your Audience Seasonally Motivated

  13. Remember to Consider: Is Your Audience Cause-Oriented

  14. Thank You! Vicki Hausmann, Director of Marketing 513-860-2457 x 1267 ILS Mission To work with clients as a trusted partner so we may deliver solutions that leverage digital print technologies and other printing innovations to their fullest advantage.