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Survey Monkey #1 and Word Document #9. The theme given out in the survey monkey would be soccer.

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The theme given out in the survey monkey would be soccer
The theme given out in the survey monkey would be soccer

  • In the survey monkey I have decided to make it about soccer. I decided soccer would be a great theme for many people so they could take it and decide what they like. This is a sport that is known worldwide and many people enjoy watching it and playing it. There is only one question realating baseball.

First question do you like soccer
First question:Do you like soccer?

  • Many people really like this question. I think a lot of people do like soccer because it’s a sport you can enjoy with all your friends. Also because it really helps you keep in shape. With this sport you can learn many different soccer moves you never really knew about. There are many teams people play in and this sport is the number one sport known. Many people always join a team for soccer.

Answers responses
Answers: Responses:


57.45% 27


42.55% 20

Total: 47

Second question do you prefer watching baseball or seeing it
Second Question:Do you prefer watching baseball or seeing it?

  • I think many people picked that they prefer playing baseball instead of watching it or neither. The reason I think people decided to pick playing baseball instead of the other things would be because they can run and hit the ball. They get to let their energy out and baseball is a very competitive sport known around the world. You can also let your anger out in this sport by the power hit in the ball. I think these are the reasons why people like playing this sport so they can let their energy, anger and competitive side out.

Answers responses1
Answers: Responses:


44.68% 21


29.79% 14

25.53% 12


Total: 47

Third question do you play just for fun
Third Question:Do you play just for fun?

  • I think many people decided to put yes because why wouldn’t they this sport is fun. Many people aren’t really competitive so they play just to have fun with their friends and relaxes from school or work or to get in shape. The people that choose no are in competitions and don’t really enjoy the sport or they just don’t play it. I think people choose yes because its so easy to have fun with this sport especially with your friends and all the new tricks you get to learn.

Answers responses2
Answers: Responses:

Yes 78.26% 36

No 21.74% 10

Total: 46

Skipped: 1

Fourth question which position do you play
Fourth Question:Which position do you play?

  • For this question the number one choise that people picked would have been middle. I think many people decided to choose middle because its an easy and fun position. You get to move around a lot, you get to go around almost the whole field and have a better chance to get the ball. You don’t really get as tired as forward because they have to be chasing after the ball the whole time and then you aren't like defense that really doesn't do nothing unless the ball goes over there and it really doesn't depending the other team. Then theirs goly he just waits so I think middle is a good positions.

Answers responses3
Answers: Responses:

Middle 54.04% 20

Forward 27.03% 10

Goly 16.22% 6

Defense 27.03% 10

Total: 37

Skipped: 10

Fifth question which team do you go for
Fifth Question:Which team do you go for?

  • For this question the top choice many picked would have been Mexico. I think people choose this team because they are really good. They have won a couple of times and have good players. Also I think people like this team because its Mexico their the tem from the place most people are from and are proud to be from. This team has really good players and have won many times.

Answers responses4
Answers: Responses:

Chivas 25.58% 11

Barcelona 18.60% 8

Mexico 44.19% 19

America 16.28% 7

Other 37.21% 16

Total: 43

Skipped: 4

Six question do you play outside of school
Six question:Do you play outside of school?

  • I think many people in this question decided to put yes because who doesn't play outside of school. Everyone likes to have a hobby and be outside their house having fun getting healthy and in fit. When they cant join inside their school theirs always outside of school where they do accept anyone no matter your grades. The only thing important would be to show up for practices and games. I think almost everyone is going to say yes because it’s a sport that you cant go without.

Answer responses
Answer: Responses:

Yes 50% 22

No 50% 22

Total: 44

Skipped: 3


  • I think everyone has their own opinions that’s why this survey was made so everyone can see what they like and also so I can see how much they like soccer. This survey is shown to see how many people really like the sports.