renaissance and reformation 1350s 1500s n.
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Renaissance and Reformation 1350s-1500s PowerPoint Presentation
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Renaissance and Reformation 1350s-1500s

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Renaissance and Reformation 1350s-1500s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Renaissance and Reformation 1350s-1500s

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  1. Renaissance and Reformation1350s-1500s

  2. Renaissance -rebirth of interest in classical arts and learnings

  3. Classical or the “classics” -referring to the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome

  4. Greco-Roman -having both Greek and Roman characteristics

  5. Humanism -a philosophy (way of thinking) that emphasizes the worth and potential of all individuals I’m important

  6. City-State -an individual state consisting of a city and its surrounding territory Florence

  7. Patron -a person who supports the arts or other activities by supplying money for them

  8. Humanities -group of subjects that focus on human life & culture, such as history, literature and ethics

  9. Florence, Italy -a city-state, located on the Arno River, center of trade and commerce, hub of woolen-cloth trade and banking for all of Europe. -"Cradle of the Renaissance"

  10. Venice, -an Italian republic city-state of 118 islands linked by canals and bridges, located n northeast Italy near the Adriatic Sea, known for its commerce of silk, grain, spice and for its maritime importance.

  11. Secular -non-religious topics

  12. vernacular -language spoken in local area; one’s Mother tongue

  13. Moveable type System of printing that uses metal, movable components to reproduce multiple copies of text

  14. Reformation -historical movement from the early 1500s to the 1600s that led to the start of many new Christian churches

  15. Protestants -people who broke away (protested against) the Catholic Church We are leaving. I don’t like what they are doing.

  16. Indulgence -a grant by the Catholic Church that released a person from punishment for sins SIN SIN

  17. Simony -the buying and selling of important Religious items and church jobs I love my job, but it was expensive

  18. Papacy -the office of the pope

  19. Great Schism -the period of time (1377-1417) when multiple men all claimed to be the official pope I’m the Pope I’m the Pope

  20. Heresy -opinions that contradict church teachings, one who holds such beliefs is called a heretic Heretics were often burned at the stake.

  21. Doctrine -the official teachings of a religion

  22. Theses -a list of arguments I disagree with…

  23. Denomination -a particular religious grouping within a larger faith, for example, the Lutheran church is a denomination of Christianity Lutheran Presbyterian Baptist

  24. Counter-Reformation Come back, we have ended the selling of indulgences and simony. -the Catholic Church's attempt to correct church abuses to win back the Protestants Should we give them a second chance?

  25. Sonnet -a 14 lined poem

  26. Renaissance Man -talented in many areas